Turkish Flatbread Recipe – Traditional Tahini Butter Flat Bread

In this video we will show you the preparation of a traditional flatbread recipe,Katmer.It is a well known recipe in the most of regions in Turkey. also familiar with indian flat bread. Katmer is another traditional rolled out dough in Turkish cuisine. It can be salty or sweet according to the filling.You can eat this butter bread at breakfast with dipping into a jam or grape molasses.Also you can serve it to guests with a cup of Turkish tea!
Preparation for butter flatbread: Let’s start with making dough.First of all,Transfer 3 cups of flour and 1 tsp salt in a bowl.Knead it with adding water gradually.Make sure you have a smooth and inadhesive dough.Then take the dough on surface and divide into 3 pieces .Roll out the dough with a rolling pin.Meanwhile ,Make a mixture for spreading on Katmer.Add sugar and tahini paste in the melted butter and mix it.After you have rolled out the dough,spread some of the mixture on the rolled out dough and state a point in the centre of it,rip it and wrap the rolled out dough towards out.Roll it up and do the same with the remaining dough.Then place them on a dish and set in the fridge for an hour.After an hour,remove them from the fridge and roll out each one.Cook the rolled out dough in a hot pan without pouring oil.Grease it with butter and it is ready to serve,enjoy!
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For dough :
3 Cups Flour
1 tsp salt
4 tbsp butter
4 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp sugar
For greasing:
1 tbsp butter


Yael Frid says:

Soooooo amazing
Thank u

Irene Hamzaruddin says:

thank you I,m going to try it.its good combination to eat with chickencurry.

simon hoare says:

Could you do savory version? . Not keen on tahini
Cool video tho. Interesting.

Ranjhacom says:

In Pakistan we call it Lachah Paratha…almost the same recipe…anyway 7 stars for you…

Neelima Ediga says:

your videos prove that “cooking is an ART”………..

Anish Chatterjee says:

beautiful 🙂

suchai piset says:


Vrindavan Lahkar says:

most are similar to Indian but the techniques used in preparing are different, this one looks similar to laccha paratha

Yasmin Sahara says:

Exquisitely done!

dimitrios charalampous says:

φαινεται τελειοοο

ddd Nnn says:

مبدعه فنانة أتمنى تترجم للعربية تحياتي لك

omlet sucuklu says:

Nobody said it was easy… Actually my 11 year old nephew could do it LOL Maybe its time to stop watching Ramsays 5 min easy home cooking receipes ha?

Jyothi Mcminn says:

Thanks for sharing…Turkish breads are a delicacy and a challenge to make.. thanks for sharing making it simple now

Hasina Akthar says:

Nice receip thanks

Maria Garcia says:


captain pinky says:

is this the Turkish version of pancakes back in the day??

Black&White says:

Paste of sesame-seeds & olive oil. *Found in Mid-East grocery stores.

Jim Barr says:


Amanova Kanya says:

in Kyrgyzstan we calling “kattama”

Khurshid Qurashi says:

thanks i will try soon…

Seven Tian says:

Add spring onion with lard(replace butter), you get exactly Chinese version of it.

احمد اخیانی says:


Shneya Gt says:

what us tahini sauce?

Ghada Matika says:

U mean Armenian bread

LaDonna Stapleton says:

Looks like a delicious piece of art.

nikos t says:

very nice tahinopita recipe!

Sumera Rizwan says:

how we make tahini what we use instead of tahini

Celia Younger says:

wooww this is a lot of work for just flat bread. it has to be an easy way.THANKYOU.

Hannah Hibari says:

This is so difficult to do :'(

imiKah K says:

Looks delicious though high skill level.

Ismail Syamlan says:


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