Turkish Baklava Recipe | Traditional Baklawa Recipe

Baklava (baqlawah) is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped walnuts or pistachio and sweetened with syrup or honey. It is a very traditional Turkish Dessert. I hope that you will enjoy the recipe.
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koprivaqi says:

please.. what do you mean with 1.3 cup of water and 450g sugar, I’m afraid it is to little of watter?

Lo says:

Thank you.  I love your videos.

Amina Nour says:

Not speak good English but you present the good plat and the good baklava Türk mercimek

warrior8170 says:

Someone in my class at school made this and I LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much for this video!

Oni ChiChi says:

Super Awesome 🙂

ezgi Göktürk says:

turkish baklava the best

Toronto Ont says:

this looks awesome and sweet. thanks for sharing.

kissooo863 says:

Hoşgeldiniz! Sıcak doğrudan soğutulan şurup baklava dökmek ya da gerekli bize lütfen?!)) Thank you

Zeynep says:

Ellerinize saglik hemen deniyecem!!

Maikao's Recipes says:

Salted or unsalted butter??

Amina Nour says:


Ramona Catrina says:


Yurrah Al-Hadi says:

Some people say, have hot baklava and cold syrup. Others say to wait for the baklava to cool for 10 mins and than pour the syrup on it.

How long should you wait? Should your syrup be hot or cold? Should your baklava be warm, hot or cold?

Dany Creio says:

e o folhado não sabes fazer

ثائر الاسدي says:

سﻻم عليكم كلش حلو بس لو بل عربي لو تكول كم وحدة حاط قطع جوة وفوك بقﻻوة


how big is the baking tray

ر س says:

عاشت ايدك مبين انها لذيذه

Lilyeatswellxo says:

can i use honey instead?

BaijanMalya says:

I thought the syrup had honey in it

lml7 says:

How would you compare this Baklava to your Baklava made with homemade Filo pastry?? Please I would really love to know. Thank you.

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