Traditional Yufka Bread Recipe And Gozleme Borek Varieties

in this video you will see the traditional recipe for yufka bread and how it is made
dough with hand labor, hundreds of bread made as preparation for winter
puff pastry made out of regular yufka bread
Watch the baked bread with spinach and potatoes
commence work by kneading dough in a wide container
100 kilograms of flour in a day, stock is being made for the need for winter bread
flour, salt and water will be added and a slightly hard dough will be prepared.
 Kneaded dough is covered with sachet and cloth for 15 minutes
doughs are divided into equal parts and rounded
we can say that the dough balls are the size of an orange
Sprinkle flour on top and bottom of the dough, avoid sticking to each other,
in this way the doughs were made into the meringue, then opened with a rolling pin.

at this stage a wooden bench called senit is used
two handfuls of flour are used and dough balls are opened with a rolling pin
Slightly thinner and continues to unfold at the other countertop to be larger

The materials used as firewood are suitable for sawdust, thin twigs, dry leaves, tree shells
baked bread left on the iron plate in about 10 or 15 seconds
bubbles need to be formed when baking to make the breads soft
on the bread need to be put into the fire to form bubbles
how the bread swells in the fire, let’s examine a little closer
baked bread can be stacked on top of each other,
When bread is up to 25, it is necessary to spread and dry in large areas.
I would like to show you the original Turkish gozleme borek
Need to make potato borek,
 boiled and grated potatoes, parsley salt and spices
washed and chopped spinach added to salt and oil
Add spinach to half of opened dough,
 cook on angry iron plate, it’s that easy
add oil to the large opened pulp to make potato pancakes
Fold evenly on both sides, add plenty of material to the center
Fold evenly from both sides, the square will be a borek
These pastries are not for stock and are consumed immediately without cooling
We can make various kinds of pancakes with egg, cheese, minced meat, vegetables and home made ingredients

here is my favorite poppy paste pie, which is said to be poppy katmer
Add liquid oil to poppy paste
used in large dough to make poppy seed borek and dough slightly thickly opened
add greasy poppy paste
poppy seed dough roll is wrapped in a way
the pulp is stretched and stretched to a round shape.
to be opened slightly thicker with a rolling pin and then cooked
a little oil is added while cooking and it is ready to eat after flushing
yufka breads are laid on a large area for 1 hour to dry
After 1 hour, the laid bread is collected and stacked on top and closed.
yufka breads are too dry to eat now
when bread is needed, take out a few and soak with water
As you can see, the bread is very dry but in 10 minutes follow this bread will be like cotton
take the bread on a clean cloth and add the cold water with the spray gun
add an equal amount of water to the back and front of the bread
it is enough to soak the bread, close with the cloth so as not to air
After 8 minutes, I open the cloth, let’s see how the bread is
as you can see the bread looks edible way
a great consistency for me, this bread is really eaten cotton consistency
the reason why bread is soft is to bake the bread in the fire.
please note this detail


CornishMiner says:

Wonderful to watch these traditional skills. I like your presentation style Chef Salim.

Jacinta Gulnara Alvarez Adrian says:

Gracias maestro, un honor hasta de papa, tubérculos oriundo de mi país 3 000 variedades, a todo gusto. Gracias a las maestras que te acompañado. Un abrazos.

Melahat Kavak says:

Ellerine kollarina saglik cok guzel oldu ozellikle katmerler muhtesem cok emek veriyor kadinlarimiz ekmek ve katmerler olsun

Bake Paul says:

Your English is great its very Authentic.

Riad Awad says:

أجمل وأوضح فيديو عن الخبز التركي
رائع جدا شكرا

my name is my name says:

in afghanistan we got similar called bolani 😀 but turksh version the bread is thinner

Jacinta Gulnara Alvarez Adrian says:

Desde Arequipa Perú: Saludos Maestro Salim, !que maravilla el fogón” así llamamos aquí a esa forma de cocción .Gracias por mostrar sus saberes ancestral. Un abrazo s todos

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم says:

مشاء الله لا قوة إلا بالله
اللهم بارك

Melahat Kavak says:

Emegi gecen herkese tesekkurler sefim size de cok guzel bir video olmus

Gunship says:

They make it look easy rolling all that bread.

Imay says:

I love making yufka bread and börek! Though mine are less big because my yufka saci isn’t as big as yours. The ones with poppy seed paste are my favourite as well. Thank you for the great video!!

James Legako says:

Why cook all in advance?, why not cook fresh. Please explain?.

شمس الضحى says:

رووووووووووووعه تسلم الايادي

Alina Khawaja says:


johanna chatzipetros says:

thanks thanks perfect

كريم اصيل says:

الله يبارك

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