Traditional Turkish Delight Recipe

Modern recipes for Turkish Delight use gelatin but the traditional recipe produces a superior texture and is vegetarian-friendly. Recipe at FACEBOOK:


dhanu shree says:

hi titli

Di Ari says:

nice video ☺

MizzMaria says:

Now let’s have a quick word about storage.

Kimberly Duke says:

Where can I buy rose water at?

weavingthesilkymist says:

We just tried this at home! It turned out amazing!
This is the closest we’ve ever achieved compared to the turkish delight sold at markets.

Миро Ганев says:

this is Bulgerian recipi!! not turkish

Alex Mcneilly says:

titlis busy kitchen great video thanks , i have made your recipe and they have turned out lovley, alot more softer and melt in the mouth than i expected, yet each cube holds its shape really well…. if I dip the cubes completely in chocolate to seal them in, do you think this help preserve them a little longer? i guess it wouldnt matter if it sweats inside a chocolate shell anyway and with so much sugar its not going to go off in a hurry is it…?

de0509 says:

“…get your electric toys out…”

aidyn wilks says:

Is that you Mrs. Doubtfire?

Meadow The Unicorn says:

Looks good!

Ayat Aya says:

I have tried many ways to make these but the only way that it work was this recipe so thanks a lot for your video .
note : I didn’t use the tartar and coloring instead I added 2 tps of cherry gelatin that we use for making home jelly , it helps to add light pink color and taste amazing and prevent turning to crystals

Amina Alamin says:

You’re voice makes me feel weird idk why

Hanna says:

@Titlis Busy Kitchen, I put the delights in a box with the corn flour and icing sugar like you described, but this morning they were all “sweaty” anyway… 🙁 Can I just add more corn flour, or is it ruined now?

i heart animals says:

This person seems like the nicest cutest lady ever

Alia Naz says:

tasty jelly

look a critic says:

com back 2 me,,,,

pork says:


Daniyelle Temple says:

I found the real Mrs. Doubtfire

kristen mcinnis says:

I found this channel by accident but boy am I glad I did! You are so entertaining and I’m subscribed now.

sally baxter says:

Titlis you are a gem

Odrade says:

That voice though ………

Luke G says:

I’ve let it simmer for an hour but it hasn’t changed in color. Should I simmer for another hour or turn up the heat?

Courtney B says:

She sounds exactly like the adoption lady from webkinz lol I just realized, her voice sounded so familiar.

minh anh says:

Hi,! thank you for this tutorial. Could you please tell me where to buy rosewater or how to make it. Thank +Titlis Busy Kitchen.

Tweedlebean says:

I love you, you are a delightful person, and I will absolutely use this recipe.

Nastaran Noori says:

mine didn’t set.. 🙁 it’s so sticky and gloopy but it doesn’t hold it’s shape. can i salvage it? will it thicken if i heat it and evaporate more water or something?

Fried Oreo says:

“Beat it by hand or get your electric toys out…”

zee says:

She’s so adorable!

Deanna Stevens says:

I have to try this. I Love Applets and Cotlets in the winter… so this must be close. and Rosewater is an amazing flavor. Without the food coloring.

de0509 says:

wow this lady seems like she would have called this ottoman delight at some point of her life, but somehow still young at heart

crysalv0 says:

You’re so pleasant and fun. I really like listening to you. Thank you for the recipe! I have always loved Turkish delight.

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