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Traditional Pumpkin Pie Recipe:

Easy demonstration on how I make my homemade pumpkin pie. This easy home made pumpkin pie recipe can be made in your very own kitchen using simple ingredients such as: pumpkin puree, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, glove, and ginger. You can use a homemade pie shell, or a store bought pie dough for this pie recipe

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83prettyblack says:

I love pumpkin pie.

A Cozy Casita says:

Hi Rosie!! I was hoping you would give us your pumpkin pie recipe!! Looks so delicious!!Thank you so much, I will give a try for sure!! Liza:))

goldengirljrb143 says:

I’ve eaten both for many years. The seasonings are the same for both except for the lemon juice. Though the pumpkin is a little stronger in taste it is still a nice rival to the sweet potato. I actually prefer the pumpkin more. Use a dollop of whipped or ice cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top and go for it. Delicious…. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving…… Thanks Rosie…

Cooking Lessons for Dad says:

I have never tried lemon juice in my pumpkin pie. Can you taste the lemon? It sounds interesting!

LadyRose 60 says:

I’m going to try this one. I really don’t like pumpkin pie but I’m willing to give it a try. Thanks Rosie

suzanne stratton says:

I’ve tasted it and I thought it was sweet potato pie. That’s how good it was. I’ll never say I don’t like pumpkin pie again.

Patricia Iya says:


Yes I am using caps because it was the shizniz!!!
Thank you so much for this recipe @iheartrecipes

GuardianAngelxo says:

This looks amazing

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

Delicious Pumpkin Pie Rosie!!! Pass the Whipped Cream please Lol

Jenny Ruiz says:

wow, looks amazing but so much sugar it’s lethal. I’ve followed this recipe but vegan style. I added all of the spices, a pinch of Himalayan salt, home made almond milk, some agave nectar(sweetener),lemon, and a table spoon of sea moss for added mineral (egg substitute). I made the crust using spelt flour. alkaline and vegan free, no guilty feelings.

cristian rivera says:

this pie looks great

Lainie McCluskey says:

Omg yum!!!!!!

Tess Cooks 4u says:

Rosie, That pie looks so good. I only like two kinds of pie….hot and cold 🙂 Enjoyed.

BaBiChan990 says:

love your nails

Mandy Bunn says:

Looks great! Will definitely have to try! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Karhi Flores says:

Hello.. I wanted to ask if u could do a pumpkin spice latte drink also now for fall. I would really like to do one at home for me and my kids cause buy all of them one from Starbucks is just experience. Thank you and god bless

Big Mike 360 says:

Hello Can I get a birthday shout today

faye pettaway says:

I will try this recipe because I trust you pumpkin pie is not my favorite this pie looks delicious.Thanks for the recipe.

stanley jones says:

Hi sis,,,,,,,,you must be reading my mind also,,,,,,,,,,,,,i do a pumpkin pie three times a year,Iam always trying new ideas with a twist,Will try yours ,,,,,,,,,,,,,by the way thank you for always sharing your love for cooking,You got me cooking fried cat fish,,,,,,,,,this coming weekend iam doing,,,,,,,,,crockpot [porkchops] with gravy,,,,,,,,waiting on new crockpot from amazon.Thank you sweetie,i became a great cook from you,

alleshia hinton says:

supper easy pie recipe… yes love it

DayroTV trustfull says:

I just wanted to say that I love you’re videos I’m from Amsterdam west side and I just made it for my fam and it was amazing thank you so much.

mightybee101 says:

I’m going to make this thank you I LOVE pumpkin pie.

Mrs H M Nathan says:

Does the bottom become soggy

sandra kitwana says:

Hi Rosie , Great looking pumpkin pie. i love this pie and also Sweet Potato pie Yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Tridel Mcgary says:

I was just thinking about a pumpkin pie recipe. you was reading my mind.

HeyItsSunshyne says:

I never understood how people hate pumpkin pie, but this is going to be my first thanksgiving cooking on my own and I will for sure be making this.

moonlighter6 says:

YAY! I love pumpkin pie, even noticed the grocer has pumpkin ice cream now.

Hope Raspberry says:

You should make a Boston cream pie

Jeanette Waverly says:

Yumyumyumyumyumyumyum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE punkin pie!!!

KnittyT says:

Hello, I’m a sweet potato pie girl, but I think I’ll give this one a try! Thanks for sharing!

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