Traditional Pot Biryani | Chicken Biryani Recipe | Matka Biryani

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Traditional Pot Biryani | Chicken Biryani Recipe | Matka Biryani

Traditional Pot Biryani | Chicken Biryani Recipe | Matka Biryani


DEEK says:

What! You don’t want to speak English? You don’t want to eat with proper utensils? Is that fire up to code? Where is your running water for sanitation?!? You’re wearing open-toed shoes!!!

Michael Campos says:

Bro this looks fire ASF tho

NotDehboss911 says:

this was made on my birthday

InGameLeads says:


mudassir khan says:

filthy food channel

Murtuza Mohd says:

What matters tge most is the little ones who smiled while eating. End of the day what i see is an old man feeding a few kids. Even if its for the sake of likes or subscribes i really wouldnt care as long as some kid ate a full meal. And for the people who said this guy did it for likes and somments , thats still okay and none of anypmes business coz you see people doing bizzare things . Atleast this guy does something worth the while.

Hooligan Δ says:

Eww more pizzas and burgers pls.

Jeroxvids says:


Aaquib Khan says:

Very good work grand paa

Salim Ali says:

Yummy food briyani, supeRRRRRR.

Julio Gabriel says:

Your work is wonrdefull, hugs from Brazil!!!

mohd hanif says:

first time i saw this vdeo they finished cook at night hahaha well done grandpa always delicious

Subhash chander Thory says:

Food factory

Kashif Balouch says:

Wah ji wah ….maza agea

Janu Vijju says:

nice thatha I like your English

Suvendu Mondal says:

Yummy pot briyani superrrrrrr

BJ McCormick says:

Love the yelling of ingredients. Hate the raw chicken sound.

Szekely Lorand says:


demi gui says:

What a blessing he is I love your grandpa and many blessings to all of you.❤️

erik Yoyok setiono says:


mada says:

I ran away after he put the coriander. Most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted.

Auzzie G says:

This man is exploiting those children for publicity and money. Had his country fared better in terms of childcare, “grandpa’s kitchen” wouldn’t be a necessary evil. Disgusting.

Faheem Ma says:

Mr grandpa this is Hyd badi dumki biryani

mohd hanif says:

grandpa always pick chicken drumstick haha his favourite maybe

aku bosan says:

God bless you grandpa n family


Saye dari malaysia.. Terbaik

Hemant Sharma says:

Grandpha teri moochan mein aag de doonga. Behan ke land.

David Eranosian says:

The day our grandpa dies, it will be quiet. But not for long. I hope his charisma and love towards charity will stay alive.

Sukanya Jakkula says:

Great grandpa

Khader Ali says:

Always godblessings you

Nargish Alam khan says:

Channel is not being suscribed from long time

mudassir khan says:

fuck that bastaurd grandpa the brutal butcher and lyer

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