Traditional Paper Kebab And Lavash Recipe

hello ladies and gentlemen , welcome
traditional paper kebab in the city of Hatay Turkey
I’ll prepare a kebab for 3 people at home and follow a detailed recipe
a very tasty meal with few ingredients
materials needed to make paper kebab
500 grams of lamb back meat
salt, red pepper flakes and black pepper
2 garlic and garlic crusher
1 chili pepper
some parsley
onion tomatoes and green peppers
use this big knife to prepare the minced meat, you can use the machine mincer
oven paper
2 cups of sifted wheat flour to prepare rolls of lavash bread
half a glass of water
salt sugar and dry yeast
our food will be cooked in the oven
to use a wide pan to bake bread
bench and roller to be used to open lavash bread dough

I would recommend you to use the surgical glove if you are even at home when preparing this meal
I start with vegetables first
finely chop the parsley
Remove the red pepper cores and chop finely
Add 2 pieces of crushed garlic
if you want to prepare without using the machine, use frozen meat
chop the lamb meat to the finest, use a sharp knife
this job will take some time but it does not matter, my time is very
you can use mince prepared with machine
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add spices and salt
this meal does not use too much seasoning powdered pepper and black pepper
Using the large Turkish Zirh blade, it is easy to turn the meat into minced meat
a nice handmade ground beef will be obtained by mixing with patience without haste
divide the mixture into 3 equal parts
now it’s time to put this beautiful mixture on paper and cook it in the oven
place in oily paper oven tray
add the mixture to the baking sheet and shape with your hand
press with your hand and create a light pit
peeled tomatoes onion and pepper chop
add chopped vegetables
add butter
paper kebabs ready to be cooked in the oven
Bake 170 degrees for 15 minutes
Prepare dough for lavash bread before cooking the kebabs

add dry yeast sugar and salt
Add half a glass of warm water and mix completely
Add 2 cups of flour and prepare the dough
No problem with a nicely kneaded dough
the kneaded dough is closed with bag and left for 30 minutes
waiting dough is slightly swollen and divide it into 2 equal parts
Add flour and open the dough in round shape using a rolling pin
these doughs will be cooked with a thirty-five centimeter pan
wait for the teflon ceiling to warm up
add the dough you opened to the heated pan
turn the other side as the bubbles appear
After 10 seconds, turn the other side again and do not dry too much,
add the lavash bread into a closed container
cooked for 15 minutes in the oven or undercooked in less than 10 minutes
kebabs are added on top of breads
add plenty of thyme
wrap in roll, serve immediately
besides salad or cold drink is my preference


Victoria E. Porras Jarquín says:

Very good Chef Salim!!

Trudi ready says:

It gets me hungry!

غاده النمر says:

ياريت تكتب بالعربى

Food _ Hrana Sa Ekrana says:

Amazing recipe! Looks delicious! Thnaks for sharing. Greetings to all

johanna chatzipetros says:

Merhaba Salim.Güzel tarifler için teşekkür ederim, size güzel bir gün diliyorum, Nedeland’dan selamlar dilerim

Selda Doğanbaş says:

Elinize sağlik vidolariniz çok uzun birazdaha kisa tutmanizin imkani varmi aceba tekrar elinize emeginize sağlik

My name moby dick says:

Good job man love from Croatia! I love Turkish food

Elif Engin says:

Sefim elinize daglik

nasrin ahady says:

Look delicious, thank you

Garth Phree says:

This is a very interesting recipe . A great way to use the fresh vegetables from my garden. A fantastic idea for an informal evening meal that all members of the family will enjoy. Thank you for another informative video chef !

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