Traditional Mutton Curry Recipe || Dhaba style mutton curry || Nawabs kitchen

Traditional Mutton Curry Recipe || Dhaba style mutton curry || Nawabs kitchen


Cael 9910 says:

Send me 1 plate

Syed Mujahad says:


Archana 26 January says:

Hello Mr. Khaja how are you, you prepared nice and delicious recipe, I can see job satisfaction in your face and smile. Good keep it up.

Zubaida Zuby says:

Asak how u wil cook a motton curry without ginger garlic paste

Abhijit Chede says:

It’s very good that u r helping those kids. आज कल ऐसा काम बोहोत कम लोग करते है. लेकीन मुझे लगता है की इन बचो को इतना तिखा खाना अच्छा नही. थोडा कम spicy बनाये.

Rock Basha says:

Nawab’s kitchen fans of Qatar sub ko salam

selveeswaran s says:

I inspired chef’s smiling face.god bless you have very big heart.

Shahid Baig says:

MASHA ALLAH very good work by you and your team brother Allah bless you All Ameen

ALLAH Prophet Muhammad says:


Rajiv Bedi says:

God bless you and your sponsors

ali khan says:

Walekum asslam
Mashallah my bro

Jazaaq Allah

Too Ta says:


Azmath says:

Bhai great ho

AZAM ALI says:

This is the Real Nawab…

Pallavi Naidu Pakala says:

Which place is this?

keerthi reddy says:

Mashallah love ur smile:)

khadar cabdi cali says:

Masha allah

purple aqua says:

Please Friends visit and Subscribe my Chanel Thank you

deepa mehta says:

All chefs make food for money and fame but nawab makes food for orphans and humanity

Because he has god gifted kindnesses

Village - Native Food says:

good video

Mujtaba Ibrahim says:

Kindly mention the ingredients in the description box

pukhraj m says:

Dekh ke dil khus ho gaya sir…… Ye video un logo ke muh pe tamacha hai jo hindu muslim ki baate karte hai……. Me hindu hu…. But aapko dekh ke bhai wali feeling aa rhi…. Luv u….

Bengali Movies Official says:

Very Good Job Brother Khaza Moinuddin .

rajesh seeram says:

how to contact you for sponsoring a day food to those children

Abdul Hameed M says:

Cooking and serving poor people in own hands. What a great feeling in the world

Shahadat Mansoori says:

Masha Allah. Nice work

Fayaz Ajmeri says:

Allah aapko khush rakhe

shaheda begum says:

Asslmkm Bhaiyya mai b Hyderabad se hu… Aap Plz eid ko sheer khurma banaye…. Mai Aap K videos regularly follow karti hu…

selveeswaran s says:

I want your contact details..I want to contribute little bit ..your big job.

Raj's Kitchen says:

Mere taraf mutton iss tharha banta hai…..yummy

sumit masih says:

Great work brother

Ansari N says:


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