Traditional Mutton Biryani | Mutton Biryani Recipe By Our Granny

Oldest Mutton Biryani | Mutton Biryani Recipe By Our Granny


Pothulapati Chandana says:

she is an example for the saying “OLD is GOLD”

Prakramea Sharma says:

plz tell me the recipe of making mutton biryaani for 5 people without spicy.

Nasrin Jahan says:

Oh i loved when ate crispy onions…yumm

sai vikas says:

thank u ammamma ne valla naku na favorite mutton biryani cheyadam telisindi …tq darling …

sabah Waqar says:

different style biryani. …waaao

Hamara Abhishek says:

granny wins my hearts..


Neha Barnwal says:

my grandmaa isbnot more…but whnevr i see this grandma …my tears comes out widout any reasn…hatts off dadi maa …luv u …n those ppl who sees bad in dis vdo …actually dey r d wrost ppl in dis wrld …

Durga Bhavani says:

so sweet bamma


Love u granny ur dishes are so good

Ajay Sadananda says:

To those who tell that granny is using bare hands and is unhygienic …Remember that she wouldn’t have been living for 105 years if that was so called “unhygienic”.!

ishita nath says:

awwww…. dadi is really cute i love her…

Judith Roque says:

She loves making meals for her family. You can tell it’s her pure joy.

Sree Vabi says:

super grandmaaaa

Ilyas Ali says:

kya BT ha ama ji

Funny video beldanga says:

veri nice

Uma Korimilli says:

very nice recipes bhamma very useful to me

mansor Ali says:


Venkat Kishore says:

I love u ma

Debjani Mitra says:

Whoa! It looks like a beautiful rangoli. Granny you are a true artist. love you.

Laxminarayan rath says:

granny your are my favourite chef ever

sushma yeah u not says:

u r super granny….love u and may God bless you and ur hands….

Miss. Ameenah says:

subscribe to my page. thanks

Sandip says:

People saying dirty/unhygenic… Please a bit of common sense.. this beautiful lady probably has the immune system of a god.. and guess how she got it???.. by not being to cautious all the time.
Why are kid’s adult’s always ill in our society these days?.. because you have to get down and dirty sometimes to make yourself stronger.

People go to Mcdonald’s/Pizzahut and all type’s of place’s thinking the company has standard’s… they might but the people working there might not.

People saying ow ‘my countries food is better..etc.’.. show us? ill be happy to watch and learn. It’s culture.. it’s what make’s the world beautiful and tolerable at time’s to see things can be done a different way.

I know people in their 60s-70s that would love to be able to have people around them to talk to to cook for just not to be alone. So i am glad at 105 years old.. she is being appreciated.. and you can see she is enjoying the fact that she can still be apart of her community. Being able to “treat” a younger generation with her cooking and experiance. What else do people want her todo? Sit around and wait for death?..

Bless Her.

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