Traditional Mooncakes (月饼) – Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) – Recipe by ZaTaYaYummy






To get the recipe,

Traditional Mooncakes (月饼)

How to make Mooncake with Salted Egg Yolk,

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Abby hunt says:

谢谢你! 我是中文四学生. The mid-autumn festival is coming up and I really love to bake so I thought what better way to incorporate both? Love the recipe! Thank you SO much! 我的老师一定会喜欢的蛋糕!

Liuhuayue says:

Beautiful results! I’d like to try sometime.

Yonnie Hoo says:

Why is my lotus seed paste and the crust will separate it?

tenshi0019 says:

I followed the recipe exactly but the dough kept cracking and peeling as I was working with it. I had to add water to smooth out the cracks. Admittedly, I live in a dessert so I think my environment dried it out. Do you have any recommendations on making the dough more workable? Thank you.

darkcnight says:

what a dull motherfucker

Schwan Allen says:

What’s the filling?

Avid Taster says:

What is the filling

jimmt Nguyen says:

OMG I love these

Constanza Menez says:

Wow! You’re a genious! Thanks for the recepe, it looks delicious, I hope I can do it some day. Greetings from Argentina!

Kelly Wu says:

Good job! This was a really good and informative video.

kagome481 says:

Quick question.. Can this be baked in air fryer?

RealParisAlison says:

I can tell your English isn’t fluent, but you did an amazing job! And I wouldn’t be able to learn another language x

Claire Dee says:

I baked the mooncake for 10 minutes and took it out to rest for 25 minutes and bake again for 13 minutes. But the skin still crack, why???

David Tsoi says:

Thank you, Zong Han,
Following your instruction, I’ll try.

LikerOfThings says:

Your accent…

Christina Tan says:

hi zong han, did the snowskin mooncake & traditional mooncake following your videos. Both turn out fantastic.. Thank you very much.. Its my first time making mooncakes!

sokkhim chhean says:

Thank you guy so much

Leslie Morales says:

Hay alguien aquí que hable español? Me pueden decir de qué se rellena?

Nia Za says:

Thank you for sharing!

Fusion boy says:

yeah your cool

awfulguitarplucker says:

Adorable :3

Aki Vector says:

It’s my dream to make mooncake. I hope I can find the ingredients at the Asian supermarket here… 🙂

Elena Hicheva says:

Can you use honey or pekmez instead of golden syrup?

Cee Heart says:

Why no one make the filling paste? I cant find the recipe everywhere… btw whats alkaline water?? thx for the vid!

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