Traditional Mexican Chorizo Recipe

Mexican Chorizo. Recipe for authentic Mexican Chorizo. Hand-made in the tradition of the markets of Oaxaca, Mexico, this old-fashioned chorizo recipe brings all the secrets of classic flavors to your family and home. Enjoy!

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karela33 says:

I made the chiles last week for another recipe.  After seeding, de-veining and toasting the chiles, I tore them up and ground them in a spare coffee bean grinder that I use just for spices——perfectly fine powder in seconds.  Clean up is easy too; just put 1 or 2 T. dry rice in the grinder and grind it then dump it.  Leaves the grinder nice and clean.  🙂

타하문 mun says:

hi,im from Pakistan .i love your recipies.keep posting for us.n stay blessed. where is the next part of this video? i need to complete the recipe.
many thanks

Fedeleness says:

Can this be frozen?

Don Burns says:

Thank you for sharing all of your recipes. I’m learning so much to impress my Mexican Amigos. They say I’m part Mexican. I have a question. How do you clean the molcajete?

Brittany Beech says:

Wow, i’m positive that’s better than any chorizo that iv’e ever had. I love your dedication to keeping it authentic!

Don Burns says:

Also, where do I find the list of ingredients for this chorizo?

agochoa says:

I absolutely love this video. I used to use pre ground chile and spices and it came out well, but this recipe is amazing! Nothing beats hand made. I don’t always have time, so when I can I make large amounts and freeze it. Thanks for the video.

Melissa In Oregon says:

Love your cooking style. Traditional! This is how I cook Mexican food!

Snow White says:

I have to admit, you are my favorite cooking site for Mexican food. A friend gave me a chorizo recipe many years ago and I prepared both her recipe and yours to compare them. You’re won hands down! Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge and gift of cooking with us! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

Fedeleness says:

Part of your ingredient list is covered by another box.

Neil Crasto says:

I am from India living in US. I don’t understand Spanish but I love Mexican food. The stone bowl which you used for grinding, we used in our society too.. I wasn’t knowing its used anywhere else
in the world!!

Not Michelle Obama says:

¿Es posible sustituir la carne de cerdo con carne de vaca?

Armando Piña says:

Ay Amiga se ve riquisimO. se me antojan con huevos.

Cris Workizer says:

Awesome job, very traditional cooking style. I no you have many more, cant wait to watch them all..nice to meet you .Iam Cris

Eye on art says:

I wonder how that would taste in beans?

Jason Starwalt says:

is it just regular paprika that is used here?

Hagen Steele says:

Looks great.

Thanks for the upload.

Gregg Powers says:

I love her. She is so sweet!

Richard Blaine says:

Your chorizo looks amazing! The best part of the recipe is that you are using the more traditional approach of the mortar and pestle rather than the food processor! That is love of cooking! Fantastico!

Nicole Marsh-Mueller says:

Wow- Amazing.  I am learning so much from you, thank you!

carriebtc says:

Hello Jauja, thank you for sharing your wonderful heirloom mexican recipes. Unfortunately w the new YT screen format THE INGREDIENTS at the end of the video get BLOCKED (by tr SUN and the Playlist Box). Is there ant way you could ADD the LIST in the ‘ABOUT’ box of your video? Many thanks. Can’t wait to be able to prepare it. It looks delicious. Cheers

Yolanda Henderson says:

Love this! So much hard work tho

Pursuing Ancient Paths says:

Absolutely beautiful. My husband does not like pork but I think I might make a version of this with ground beef. I know it wont be totally authentic, but we’ll still get all of those wonderful flavours!! Muchas gracias!

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