Traditional Meat Forged Wheat Turkish Keskek Recipe

Traditional Meat Forged Wheat Turkish Keskek Recipe
Materials required for 150 people
4 kg wheat, wheat 8 kg beef with bone 5 onions 200 gr salt
meat bulion meat juice meat juice and normal water 18 liters total
2 liters of milk 1.5 kg butter 1.5 liter liquid sunflower oil
two spoonful peppercorn , a bowl of dry mint
traditional meat beaten wheat turk keskek recipe
how to make keskek which is a delicious Turkish dish from the past
four kilograms of wheat to be consumed will be a meal of a hundred people in total
eight kilograms of boneless meat, four kilograms of pure boneless beef
the bony meats are first soaked in the water, so it is kept in the cabinet overnight
the wheat is added to a large pot and allowed to stand in cold water overnight
 Bone meats in cold water are added into boiling water
add two bay leaves and wait for it to boil
you need to get the foam coming out
wash wheat in water once or twice
add the wheat into the strainer and the waist should be completely thirsty
the meats are cooked for about five hours on low heat and they are ready when they leave their bones
place the cooked bony meats in a large tray and cool slightly
cool the five onions finely and add it into the strainer to be waterless
add a liter of oil to a large pot
add the onions into an oil-free, warm water and stir
cook the onions for five minutes add the wheat thirsty
stir a few rounds to roast the wheat
add salt in two grams of salt
add boiling broth with strainer
you need to add twenty liters of water for four kilograms of wheat
twelve liters of meat juice are added and eight more liters of water are added
now the wheat will cook while you eat the meat
prepared boiled beef with boneless and lean hands
the meat has to be thin
I want to show you how much is on the scale
four kilograms of plain meat ready
you can use the meat in this way if you wish you will be a little thinner with a big knife
this process will shrink if the remaining parts are large
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Boil the wheat in low heat, carefully stir and mix with intervals
After wheat water is pulled out, it is crushed by a big wooden spoon
in the past in weddings, in ceremonies, on holidays, this meal was made and distributed
Four people stand around a large boiler to make it,
it’s supposed to be crushed up to the confectionery meal, it is very tiring to do this amount
I’m running a little easier and thinning the machine with my desire
cold milk is added and the mixture is mixed until thin consistency
meaty wheat must have this consistency
It is easier to blend with the bladed part and it should be creamy
wheat is a material that hardens as it boils
When ready, the meat is added and stirred
eight liters of water will be boiled and added
optionally add meat bullion
mixed with water and stirred one round
butter and liquid sunflower oil and boil
add hot peppercorn and add dry mint thoroughly stir
we will serve it by adding this mixture to your food
this recipe should definitely try a small glass of wheat
 if we can give useful information to you we are happy
the meal is added to the large tray
the consistency should be more fluid, the consistency that appears here is a bit stiff
 shape over your meal and you will see an objective now
add the fried butter over
the butter is evenly distributed to the gaps in between and the service is ready
you can serve it with chickpea salad with yogurt
please have a look at my other recipes
goodbye to see you in another recipe


Davut Dogan says:

my mom always does it with chicken it’s sooooo delicious

Joshua Potter says:

If I bring my family to Turkey on vacation where should we stay?

100noga says:

Well that looks really tasty. Thanks Chef for this recipe.
Greetings from Poland.

Onur Yuksek says:

Nice diner

GIFPES says:

Do you need a helper? I could help you and learn from your knowledge!! please, accept me as a intern learner.

lara croft says:

in india and pakistan there is a similar dish called haleem but with different consistency
hope some day you try it
your videos are excellent in explaining how turkish dishes are made when we only see them in travel videos or turkish dramas

Joshua Potter says:

The Damascus steel knife is beautiful!

Orignal Fake says:

this recipe is similar to asian traditional recipe of Haleem… it’s amazing.. you are already my master chef.. once i will become a similar chef like you… I will post my thanks video in your name… I will promote your channel and try to bring you more views … thank you for such an amazing recipes… you’re the most under rated channel on youtube.

Erdoğan Yılmazçetin says:

Selamün aleyküm; İ shall fatigue seeing your make full cooking Ellerine sağlık.

GIFPES says:

Nice knife! What is it called? Where can I buy it, since I am from Brazil?

Ibo Can says:

Nice vidéo.ustam cok zahmetli ama eminim cokta lezzetli bir yemek oldu sanirim.emeginize saglik.

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