Toronto Raptors’ 7 ft Center, Jonas Valanciunas, is a superstar on and off the court! Watch him show us his moves in the Bite Me More kitchen as he teaches us how to make Cepelinai, a traditional Lithunian dish.



lauraxgjan says:

More Lithuanian food videos!!!!

Sport Highlights And much more says:

Did you tryed to eat them ?

Justas !!!! says:

Lol he went nu blet because they couldnt pronounce it
LOL jos taip jam dapiso…

Arnas Cerniauskas says:

JV! Great video! 🙂

Arune Morta says:

ir from lithuania

Duc Luc says:

Really wanted to see the damn thing cut in haft once it was cook!

tomas sakalauskas says:

Kaip cepelinu usinorejau

WhyAreYou ReadingThis says:

0:57 ai blyat

Swaggy T says:

yes! finally been waiting for this xD

anthony spina says:

I recently married a Lithuanian girl and together with her brother laughed our asses off at this video. Somebody has to get this guy into the movies. Funny movies.He’s a natural.When some of the other Lithuanian basketball players come into town you should see if they would be interested in coming on your show and cooking other Lithuanian foods with Valanciunas. I don’t know if any food would get cooked but ribs might be broken laughing.Thanks.

RᴀɪɴDᴇᴠᴏᴜʀ says:

hahah this was hilarious xd
And no, he wasn’t joking, when we say thanks it sounds like a sneeze. xd

intas08 says:

Turiu kanadietiska referata apie cepelinus. Is musu aciu juokiasi kad mes nesisveikiname o ciaudime, o prie cepelinu reikia priprasti. Igiau ju nevalgant o valgant pvz. juros gerybes jie pasidaro neskanus…Skonis dalykas kuris formuojamas

LOLLY & DON says:

Lithuania has the best food!! I always put on about 5kgs when I visit the country haha 🙂 xx

Erik S says:

Cepelinai is not hard to say. Tsepileniy

Gintarė Liakšaitė says:

noriu cepelinuuu!!!

GSDmom B says:

They are not meatballs.

BerniukamsG M says:

ble koks aukštas pries jas 😀

Vilanduxs says:

Liuks cepai

GamesRNG says:

damn sorry for him he is so rude…

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