Traditional kimchi recipe (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치)

Full recipe:
Kimchi-making FAQ:
This is the classic, spicy, traditional napa cabbage kimchi called tongbaechu-kimchi, aka baechu-kimchi, or pogi-kimchi. But in reality this dish is so common and iconic that most Koreans simply call it “kimchi.” When people talk about kimchi, this is the dish they are referring to.


andrews veliz says:


hamidi rania says:

Algeria dish couscous

Kamalam Kamali says:

mam ,I like video I hv doubt when u pour tat rice and sugar paste

ShuYen Thiang says:

if.don’t have onggi how?

indira masitha says:

OMG looks so tasty it makes my mouth water :9

Hwa Milam says:

Abs drama

xBlueMonsterAndox says:

i made kimchi for the first time following this! the fresh kimchi with rice was legit the best taste!

Joshua Pesqueira says:

in america i’d definitely say baked macaroni and cheese and/or fried chicken are what really show your skills as a (household) cook

Noah Rush says:

I live in Mississippi, and down here if someone can make chicken n’ dumplins’, that’s a pretty good sign that they know what they’re doing in the kitchen.

Nana Soeum says:

Do i have to use the shrimp thing

candelici0us says:

Hi, could anyone help me? I was wondering if I want to make a vegetarian version for my 어머님, what do I replace the fish sauce and the shrimp with?

Maya Sharma says:

substitute for fish sauce please??

Etceterotic says:

My mother is amazing at baking and cooking. We’re from Atlanta, Georgia and she can make all sorts of southern sweets but everyone fights over her chocolate chip cookies and sweet potato pie. At her job, people seem to beg for mom to make banana pudding. My sister enjoys my sweet potato fries, fried green bananas, and traditional bone broth. I’m not well versed in cooking like mom but I’m glad I can keep my sister excited for meals. She’s totally interested in Korean pop culture so I hope I can impress her with some Kimchi!

Nicholas Nuwag says:

I’m crazy about kimchee. I always have kimchee around for side dish and snack. thanks for your recipe.

Uptop Laptop says:


Ahnoki Doxtator says:

For Native Americans if you can make good Fry Bread your a good cook! Oneida Tribe if you can make a good Corn Soup you are a good cook! We are also Mexican so if you can make good Tamales or Pozole your a good cook!

Gary Cooper says:

You have tough skin on your hands, Maangchi. I’ve gotten really bad burns on my hands from handling hot peppers. Your suggestion to wear gloves is a good one.

sitti dewi maharamadhani says:

Hi….im from indonesia,i love korean food so much and i looooveeeeeee to watch ur cooking channel,inspire me a lot…..thank youu

Oxana Ramirez says:

Just made it. OMG, delish!

Jumma Ruti says:

my hands are burning after watching this..too much chilli

Wilson Santhmayor says:

Chole bhature in India …

Dinara Jussupova says:

Здравствуйте! Почему нет перевод на русском?


hello mangchi…. you look awesome at cooking…. I love all your recipes…. please tell me at what temperature we need to store this kimchi?

秀 秀 says:


My Mstery says:

you make my life better like if you with me

Onhu Binh says:

cô oi lần sau cô dịch lun tiếng việt dk k ạ

Irum Mohyuddin says:

Hello Maangchi. I really enjoy your shows and some of the recipes as for many, the ingredients are not available where I live. I have a problem. I made Kimchi, and it tasted delicious but somehow it became very watery even while mixing! what am i doing wrong?

Martin TSANG says:

Many thanks for this amazing video! 🙂

Maria Stubblefield says:

just subscribed to your videos. I’m from Mexico love Korean food. I need to lean to make kimchi!

Belen Diaz says:

Maangchi, you’re the sweetest!!! I’m dying ❤

Brittany Ferryman says:

in jamaica our national dish is ackee and saltfish but you have to know how to clean the ackee well and when to pick it or you’ll get poisoned

Edgar Vos says:

Who even dares to dislike this? This is awesome! Thank you for the lovely recipe!

itiz dawn says:

that looks reaallyy delicious..
i want to ask something… in my place there is no fermented salted shrimp (saeujeot)… but there is dried shrimp,,, so can you give ne some advice ?

Paola Donashi says:

a de saber muy rico.

Bernice Teh says:

it can keep how long?

Gregoire Thomas says:

Thanks! Great recipe! About what you ask in the video, in France it would be knowing how to cook Bœuf Bourguignon or Potée aux choux.

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