Traditional Hot Cross Buns Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

This hot cross buns recipe will give you delightfully soft and delicately spiced buns. Easter just isn’t Easter without hot cross buns! Written recipe at


the modz says:

ciao capire voi my lingua

mon bly says:

Hello, i baked them today and enjoyed a lot. I used to live in the uk and buy them often. Very happy that i could eat them again. Thank you for the video! Have a beautiful sunday

Tendai Kamwaza says:

can I omit the yeast

Kayla Nguyen says:

Hi Ballistic BBQ,

Did you try this recipe? Is it easy to follow?…I want to learn how to do hot cross buns but with an egg wash. The milk and sugar glaze would make the buns too sweet for my taste 🙂

josh mcgee says:

Amazing video, it helped me so much with making my own! Can I ask why you let it rise twice before then doing the final rise? Some of the other recipes I’ve seen only do one rise before the final

maggieandbart1 says:

Just made these today ( yes, I know I’m late) but consensus is they are the best we have ever tasted. I got into a right mess kneading the dough as it was so sticky, and it didn’t get any better whilst I tried to ‘slap and roll’!!, however the buns held their shape in the third rise, and baked to perfection…perfect when still warm with butter. Thanks Titli.


Hello Titli, can I use my stand mixer for this recipe, or do you advise by hand? X

SDS Swiss says:

Hello thank you for your recipe. Can we skip egg in this ? We don’t eat eggs. Please suggest any alternative of egg if required. Thanks a lot once again.

Filomena Wollens says:

Thanks…………..I’ll try to bake them on Easter!!

Shirley Lei says:

made these today and they were delicious!! Soooo incredibly fluffy! Thanks Titli!! This will now be my ‘go-to’ recipe for hot cross buns 😀

Las locuras de chinitamaes Me says:

No Sr le pone levadura

James Emmott says:

Do you use salted or unsalted butter?

Jawad Abidi says:

Hi Titli, I was just wondering whether I could use plain flour in this recipe? What is the difference between that and white bread flour? Thanks!!

Dolcezza Poco says:

You made it very simple so I made these hotcross buns using a plain flour because i was tooexcited to make them and they were beautiful. heaps thanks to you i cant wait to see more tutorials from you. Cheers!

Ran Wija says:

thank you so much BREAD KITCHEN….

cs512tr says:

great video

15sugarfoot says:

Can i use my stand mixer for this ? I cant need because of a lung problem,wears me out !! Thank you

bowler8 says:

wouldnt you like to be a contestant on british bakeoff?

Kristine Browne says:

miss learning from you. I hope everything is ok with you?

AfkarKarim says:

If I want to make chocolaet hot cross buns, should I substitute some of the flour for cocoa powder? If so, how much cocoa? And can I substitute the dried fruits for choc chips?

Misty Feeney says:

In reply to groundhog…. Well I wasn’t exactly timing myself but at a guess I’d say that all physical work – mixing – kneading – rolling out – decorating took a about an hour. It’s really the rising that takes the time and you can’t rush that – 1st rise took about 90 minutes – 2nd – about 45 minutes and the 3rd when the buns were formed about another 20 minutes then add the baking time of 14 -16 minutes for my fan oven. So I started about 9am and they were ready for the table around 3pm . Anything remotely worthwhile is worth waiting for ….. And these hot cross buns are most certainly worth every second of the wait…. Enjoy

Paula Svendsen says:

I do not understand how your dough went so moist and sticky. I follow this recipe and the dough was still dry. any idea?

Littlebuderphly says:

How much of each ingredient would you use if you converted to cups?? I’ve  looked around and everyone says something different for each dry and each wet ingredient.

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