Traditional Haleem Recipe

Haleem is a wonderfully creamy, spicy and very nutritious dish. My haleem doesn’t come out of a box. The ingredients are simple, but to make a good haleem takes time and a lot of Tender Loving Care! Recipe at:
English closed captions courtesy of Daniel Bartolo (denbi90). FACEBOOK:


Ed Allen says:

Simply a fantastic video by a very knowledgeable uploader. Thanks for taking the time to precisely and accurately teach us this delicious recipe. This is one of the BEST videos I hav found on this recipe and I have searched many many MANY hours.

You have no idea how happy I am to have found you 🙂


I love haleem

Faisal Fa says:

Wonderful video, thank you 🙂

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

Just leave them out 🙂

Mohammad Taji says:

Nice jumping

Angelika Bertrand says:

What if you allergic to Wheat what could you substitute for?

breezethunder says:

Since this requires cooking for 3-4 hours on low heat… I wonder… can this recipe be adapted to use a slow cooker / crock pot? That would also probably make the meat fall apart so less mashing!

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

I’m quite sure you could do this in a slow cooker.

Vikas Vasnik says:

great thanks Alot but I will try for 2-3 hours in cooker with bakri mutton

myso08 says:

Is there any specific garam masala? Or any will do. I heard there’s many different types of garam masala.

qadrik says:

Titli Nihaan you are amazing! I watch cooking videos like they are instructions, but you make it entertaining! Keep it up!

Sayana rose says:

now dont get yourself too patriotic…..u afghanis r so insecured ….for ur kind info its basically an arabic dish brought into the regions of hyderabad during mughal rule….and btw ,we have all come here to learn how the recipe is and not to pass iirrevelant comments over here………..

ummmomen says:

I like haleem  so much I used to buy the ready made spices but I think I will try your recipe have all the spices you mentioned . what is the name of the tool you used? need to buy it. 

Arifur Rahman says:

Love you and love your way how you cook and love you recipe.

Swagata Sengupta says:

I agree… I posted this on a wrong page… I was comparing the video with another one of chef Sanjeev Kapoor. I removed my comment. I apologize.

vimi021084a says:

in mauritius our haleem is like a soup….

rencrow says:

Many people also use barley instead of wheat.

Thomas Wynn says:

The only thing I used to dread about working at the Muslim owned restaurant was during the high august heat of Ramadan, about 110 degrees in Texas, at six o clock P.M. I would have to start the Halim, that is, a 300 pound pot of it, and I would be baby sitting it with what looks like a metal boat oar spatula called a dandi, until sometimes 12 midnight. But the resultant ambrosia was so worth it!

sandeep bobade says:

mam are you hindu?

desidillse says:

omg Titli, that just made me extremely hungry, I love you videos

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

That’s a good description.

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

I’ve heard of people making this with oats, but I’ve never tried it myself

meemy87 says:

traditionally it’s eaten with flat breads such as: paratha, naan, roti, chapaati..

Vikas Vasnik says:

Hi Mam its Amazing , I got the Idea of Haleem but a question of timing still arises in my mind ,what is the perfect timings of it , because Muslims people make it like they start from morning to evening with different types of mutton ,chicken etc…

Bożena Januszewicz says:


LolaNCanada says:

Thank you so very much. I have been looking all over the Internet for a simple yet informative instructions… my husband loves Haleem and now I think I can make it 

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

No problem 🙂 You confused me for a moment 😀

rencrow says:

Mmmm this stuff is so good especially with hot naan. Perfect dish in the winter time. 

Parvez Mahmud says:

I really love you…i mean your making dish…thank you,now i finally made my Halim recipe,.

Supa Nova says:

Looks like a very tasty and hearty recipe!…..Great to have in the cold winter months. I’ve seen the wooden masher thing in Asian markets and often wondered what it was used for….now i understand! Thanks for posting.

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

Are you sure you posted this comment on the right video? I’m not Sanjeev Kapoor and making this haleem was hard work!

Riaz Murad says:

i lovee how you make such wonderful international foods instead of just one kind of food 🙂 and thank you for this wonderful recipe, I’ve eaten a lot of Haleem, but I never new it was cooked like this. 🙂

Adnaan Mahmood says:

Like titli said it sounds like harees, you’re description of Haleem is different to what the Indian one is, it also sounds less appetizing and a peasants dish.

Nishat Tasnim says:

In Bangladesh it’s a must during the Ramadan. But we keep the meats chunky and we serve it with chopped ginger, cucumber, cilantro , lime wedges, green chillies and beresta

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

You eat it just as you see it. You can eat with roti if you like.

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

It takes many hours to make good haleem

Hersh Asthana says:

What is it eaten with? Rice or flat-breads?

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