Traditional GOULASH from Mom’s kitchen! BEST RECIPE EVER

▽▽▽ RECIPE ▽▽▽
500 g beef cut in cubes
500 g onion peeled and cut
5 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp of sweet red pepper powder
Chilli powder optional
200 g tomato puré
2 tbsp butter
4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp lard
2 tbsp marjoram

Thanks to Josh Woodward for his beautiful music!

Hope you will enjoy my recipe and we will cook together 🙂
Let’s cook it! Thanks for watching!
See you soon.


WanchaiFerryWonton says:

THE best beef goulash recipe! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth Long says:

..i feel the:”;:’; need feed Y☼U Geert!:”‘;;:”;

michelle england says:

I will try this  – also, I love to hear you talk about your grandmother, it’s so sweet.  I will wear a red shirt, too.

HorrorBeautyFX says:

Thank you so much for sharing!  I am so going to try making this, looks so good.

BAD MATT says:

THANK YOU! I grow up verry close to the czech border and we had a few czech friends, and i love the taste of goulasch with Bömischen Knödeln! Reminds me on early days!

Иварс Шавилаускас says:

Спасибо,Мирка!)))) В ближайшие дни приготовлю, в последний раз ел чешские кнедлики с татарским соусом в 1981г.!

Nancy Karola says:

I can’t wait to try this! My family is czech and I grew up eating this 🙂

gram gram says:

red pepper powder. is that ceyanne?

llamov says:

Mirka, my mother was born in Czechoslovakia though the area in which she was from is now in Ukraine. We ate her delicious goulash at least once a week and never grew tired of it. It was somewhat different from yours, but, as you say, each family has their own recipe. Thank you for yours. It looks great and I will try it.

N N says:

Thank you for the recipe and the good tips! I’m so exited I will try to surprise my husband with this dish. Just need few clarifications: how much water did you add to the pot? how long and how strong should the heat be? can I substitute cumin with caraway? (which works best?)

Naturacleopatra a says:

I finally got a chance to try this. It’s a great recipe and was easy to follow! I had to exchange the cumin for coriander and the marjoram for oregano, but it still turned out beautifully! Thanks again!

Naturacleopatra a says:

Awesome! Thank you. Can’t wait to try. I’ll get my red t-shirt ready. Lol Good luck on your book!

miyubail says:

I’m Japanese but I love to try out all sorts of regional/foreghn cousines. Thanks so much for posting, Mirka.

Megan Brayton says:

Polish style Gulasz meh.. Hungarian Waahhhh Romanian Goulsz I wanted to cry in to this soup that was some kind of kielbasa in a wery watery bean soup… So I went home and made proper Czech Golasz and bead dumplings. Because Yes Czech does it the best…

Light in the Piazza says:

I don’t like too much spicy food. Do I have to put in the red pepper, it will be very hot right? Thank you. You are very pretty also.

gram gram says:

thanks for this recipe.

Robbie Moyer says:

Are you sure of the measurements in the description? Did you mean teaspoons? Seems like too much with tablespoons.

Alžbeta Dušeková says:

when will the book be on sale? What will it be named? I want it!!

Daniel Jungmann says:

When you say Kmin (sounds like cumin – totally different spice ) you mean caraway seeds. Most people will know this but just incase they don’t I thought I would say – as the caraway is a great czech taste. Thank you for uploading.

bob beal says:

is your cookbooks in english as well? thanks!

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