Traditional German Breakfast Recipe

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Christi Rodriguez says:

how tall is dahltyn?

ItsybitsyIsy says:

well what you did is called “Kaiserschmarn”. it’s a traditional Austrian meal. kind of scrapped pancakes.usually you eat it with powder sugar on top. it’s also very popular in Germany. but actually it’s not breakfast. it’s a desert! 😉 How do you call it? couldn’t understand the word! 😀 did you mean “Rührei”? very funny pronunciation. 🙂

Heidi Brett says:

My father makes this and my mom makes the Crepes from this 🙂 my father is from Munich and I grew up with this breakfast too ! Love it

Sarah Sinclair says:

Omg I’m half Mennonite and I literally grew up on this stuff! It’s delicious.

Robyn Holland says:

How old wore you when u moved to Canada

MissBegriffsstutzig says:

Im german and i can say thats not a traditionell breakfast. in the beginning i thougt maybe she means “Rührei” but it looks like a Keiserschmarn or a sweet version of Dummis (a dish we eat in the black forrest a lot) but we would never eat that as a breakfast

sxygadiva says:

please keep vlogging and do some more challenges. You are the excitement to my boring days…lol
but for real tho…:-)

Amir M says:

don’t wear make up. you are good.

Mady Mae says:

I’m from Germany and I’ve never heard of this!

Jasminanya says:

I am german and I’ve never seen something like that! XD Especially not for breakfast! So it can’t be that traditional! 😀

Mias-makeup-mayhem says:

Cutest couple! Xx

Shyann's life says:

I’m German and I eat a lot of German food the German food your making is good:)

Andreas Grefe says:

To me this doesn’t look like Rührei (if that was what you were saying) but more like Kaiserschmarren 😮 And I’m from Germany 🙂
Rührei is, if I remember right “scrambled eggs” and Kaiserschmarren are like pancakes just in little pieces 🙂

Ostdeutschkochen says:

fragmented pancakes?


make more vogs please

Mar~Bear says:


Kathrin K. says:

i’am from germany and this is a pancake but ther cocke it in a weard way 

daz hackett says:

I love your vids but can you do some more dares

Lillian Young says:

Being part German I know these aren’t a “traditional German breakfast” maybe do some research before? Just a suggestion.

Stefani Golden Miracle says:

kaiserschmarn…..not aiarrr lol

Orjanadebie Debbie says:

Flour in spans is ariaña

Chelsea Hull says:

I love you both

Emma Campaigne says:
Edgar Alcantara says:

Pura mierda.

Kimberly Cedillo says:

All the foood u make looks good

Brooke Huguley says:

Hi Sam!! 🙂 i have been wanting to tell you that i think you look absolutely beautiful with no makeup on! its not that you don’t look pretty with makeup on you really do! it’s just that every time i see you with no makeup on you look amazing! love you girl! <3 🙂 

Samantha Schaefer says:

western käsespatzle

Carly Kalish says:

When olive oil gets hot it’s toxic!!

Nina Munoz says:

I think you guys should vlog more often

Lena-martine Hoyer-Fichte says:

oh cool, youre making ´´kaiserschman´´ and yes its traditional breakfast in germany 🙂
i love to wtach youre videos they so are funny and everytime im down you make me happy 🙂 so thank you soo much!!! <3

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