Traditional Full Chicken Biryani | Giant Chicken Biryani Recipe By Smily

Full Chicken Biryani | Giant Chicken Biryani


Murali B says:

Just unsubscribed this channel they are not responding about the grany questions

the undertaker says:

Bathke khao gadho

Max K says:

This time the fraudsters allowed the woman and her daughter to eat some chicken biryani, unlike last time. Now they hide in bushes to cook so not to give away their location.

Ch Jai says:

Not good

Joanne Vickerd says:

Rest in peace Granny

Paloma Lopezmartinez says:

Donde está mastamama

Dayna Temol says:

How come the young lady her hands looks burn or something!!

Shabista shabi says:

Grandmaa kaha hn

Timefortruelove says:

I guess it is safe to assume that Granny is not coming back, is she???

Truth HasATongue says:

I feel lik theres so mich corruptness behind this channel lol Like someone is forcing them to do this or maybe stole their channel etc

Del Abernathy says:

I love you guys. You come together and make magic. Love always.

Kirupa Anathan says:

super briyani….

Umar Mubi says:

Where are you grandma

Mohit Dogra says:

Unsubscribe if they don’t reply about granny

Makineni Neelima says:

Medi tenali kadaa granye gurinchi paper lo echaru highest age women in india la vundhi

monica bugata says:

I appreciate these guys efforts of keep moving forward without granny. Last year, they celebrated granny’s bday on april 10th. But this year they didnt celebrate it. And Im not aware of the fact since when granny is missing. I believe something is fishy and they are hiding it. Or may be none of these people dont know how to read the comments. No one is having concern in regards to replying to subscribers’ question about granny. Such an helpless and irresponsible team.

Sambhrant Limma says:

How much time it will to take chicken cook

AysunAsiye Yüksel says:

Grand maa kahahe?

Anand Vijay says:

Wow very nice

Deepak patel says:


surada padhusreelekha says:


Nagaraju Ailineni says:

super smily

praveen jacob says:

Wow…perfectly done..

Pushpendra Kumar says:


Jaba rani says:

Unsubscribed from this channel! They r not honest and transparent enough

Karthik R says:

please post chicken skinning and cleaning video

Mahesh Reddy says:

Grandma gurinchi cheppandi, avvaku em aindi …

Savitha Praveen says:

Wo log sirf granny ka naam use kerke paisa bana rahye hai

Princess Royal Cuisine says:

Chicken Biryani ..One of my favorite

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