Traditional Fish & Chips Recipe 🐟 🍟 Cook & Review

Traditional Fish & Chips Recipe 🐟 🍟 Cook & Review
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Lang7 says:

The method is correct but that’s not a “traditional” fish & chips. Black pepper should be nowhere near the fish or chips once cooked, as it completely changes the flavour.
Likewise, both the fish and chips should be doused liberally with salt and malt vinegar.

SpoonyYeon says:

I’m a fan of tadic!

Vette_Dude84 says:

Scratch made tartar sauce.. without salt and pepper and rather thickly/messily chopped pickle… smh..

C.J. phillipson says:

Pepper jellys are awesome

Dejde hiuhnkl says:

So youre a Southampton fan? Cool

Mik B says:

What dog name?

Critical Eats Japan says:

Malt vinegar is the best on fish n chips… Great looking feed there guys!

PickYourPoison says:

Paul is my spirit animal.

Liam Converse says:

The thumbnail for this video is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today

180sx 2nv says:

Kens using paul and his skills for more views and subs, gtfo paul

Barry Weir says:

The fish looks okay, but those chips…oooff. A chippie would be embarrassed to serve those.

HG504 says:

You should give this channel to Paul and rename it to Paul’s Cook’n’review.

Cubbieblu2310 says:

I don’t see where the recipe is posted.

mike mac says:

These videos definitely inspire me to cook a lot more and that’s a great thing so thank you also Paul’s the man LOL

mike mac says:

I love beer but hate IPA just not for me so I go with Ken on this one also fish and chips and beer oh yeah delicious

roof pizza says:

Cue the Brits with disparaging comments.

Jackie S says:

I have the same issue w/fried stuff. Could be from too old frying oil and how battered/breaded food absorbs more oil like Paul said. A lot of restaurants don’t change their frying oil as often as they should. When I fry at home with fresh oil or one time used, I never have a problem.

Landdrifter24 says:

Next time you try doing some beer batter Paul, try and find some Nitro Milk stout from Left handed brewing company, it really adds a demension that you wouldn’t believe

Mackinley J. Rattey /OptimusPrimeTFP says:

I love fish & chips, if made with cod or haddock , it’s great dish and one my favorite fried seafood dishes.

Zk8et says:

Paul’s THE MAN!!!

Michael Reyes says:

Digging the Southampton kit !!!

Josh Hardman says:

To make that a proper English fish and chips you need to have mushy peas and gravy, with a scallop on the side. And you need bigger fish and thicker chips! And douse it more in salt and vinegar. You don’t get tartar source from a chippy. Maybe some ketchup.

D Santiago says:

I have to be in the mood for tartar sauce and I’m picky about who makes it…..but for me when i eat fried fish it’s ketchup and hot sauce all the way

Sean Kingston says:

This Paul guy seems like a great cook! But who is this irritating, bald man? All he does is whine and complain while Paul cooks! Very ungrateful! Refuses to try the malt vinegar! Just give it a go you big baby!

Booty Bandit says:

Not my proudest fap, but worth it

Steve Zack says:

LOVE the backyard C&R’s!!!!!

dick johnson says:

As somebody that worked in a kitchen at a traditional f&c stall for 5 years you guys came pretty close. Let’s start with the good things. Blanching the chips is a must. Major props for butterflying the fish, less oil is absorbed as it takes less time to cook. Batter was close, need a bit of sugar and a neutral flavoured oil to help colour the fish especially in fresh oil. Also the batter was bit to thick. The consistency should something similar to alfredo sauce. This will give you a nice thin shell that’s light and crispy and will be far less oily. The tartar sauce wasn’t bad but fresh garlic dill and homemade mayo really makes it memorable.

Chips 8/10 nice thickness, perhaps a little dark. Not sure about the inclusion of pepper.

Tartar sauce 7.5/10 good base. Sometimes throwing the onions in boiling water for a few seconds will eliminate that harsh raw onion taste.

Fish 7/10 again opening up the fish like that is a really key step nice job. Batter definitely a bit thick but that is easily fixed.

Not a bad effort there mr. Paul.

edalcor zuproc says:

try san miguel beer or redhorse beer from the philippines.

Viral P says:

Awesome c & r

Reece Butler says:

in englaand u soak ur chips and fish in vinegar plus plenty of salt on chips no pepper u shud allso try battering the chips aswell

Wyde Awake says:

Nice! How does paul blanch his potatoes

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