Traditional Chicken Biryani By Our Grandpa | Full Fried Chicken Biryani Recipe / Grandpa Kitchen

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Traditional Fried Chicken Biryani By Our Grandpa | Full Fried Chicken Biryani Recipe

Traditional Fried Chicken Biryani By Our Grandpa | Full Fried Chicken Biryani Recipe


Cuong Kien Vlogs says:

i love this channel. what abuot you?

Srk Sathish says:

Please Make Daddy And Grandpaa In Same Video With Good Recipe

Srabani Chatterjee says:

Super grandpa Love you so much

Billy evan utama says:

R.I.P Mastanamma

Christopher drown says:

I don’t eat meat and I would love some….

Predator Hacker says:

coookink hungary food pls

bhairav nath says:

Taking some one’s life…to save others life…

Sud Soni says:

This channel deserves subs more than PEWDIEPIE OR T SERIES

Shoog gamer says:

I dont understand why there are people pressing dislike button how shame they are

keep going grandpa I love how you support your family 😀

ابو عبود الردفاني says:

بصراحه احلا شي في الفيديو قاعد اشرب معسل خلص الفحم كم تمنيت اني عندة اعمل فحم شكله حلو نضيف

Gangkers Vlog says:

Where the skin? I like to eat that

lucia nduta says:

God bless u much love frm Kenya

XRON says:

I wonder why grandpa dude was not mentioned in YouTube rewind 2018..

aviel alfaro says:

He may be slow or weak but he has a strong heart bless you gramps kitchen I shall carry on your legacy

Lost Boy says:

Best part of video is when Grandpa eats his food and say ‘wow super’

A G says:

What country is this darkie from?

D'Yani Gates says:

Only Youtuber that i watch every commercial

Nena Singh says:

love and respect for uh …great grand paa

Mr Olli says:

Grandpa you are a well human!

Sara Vohra says:

dislike or negative comments on grandpa any video banta hi nhi hai always awesome

Abhinav parashar says:


Efkarlı Oyuncu says:

Yürü be dayı kim tutar seni sjsjsbjss

Никита Матюшенко says:

Эх когда уже детей съедят

Im Echa says:


Jaat Shabh88 says:

Katua mr ja

Khoa Loan says:

ông ấy thật tốt

Jylynn Watson says:

I love that he’s “our “” grandpa. Love these videos. So relaxing. I rarely c videos that keep me mello and Content

Bitu Pan says:

Ghatiya hai

Xenia Not the Princes Warrior says:

You are a wonderful human being Grandpa.

Im Echa says:


นัสไง ไอแป๊ะ says:

เอาใจผมไปเลย พวกคุณสุดยอด ❤❤❤

Mathew Villamil says:

God bless this man he deserves a award for his gratitude

Anuj Rawat says:

Curd was stored in paint boxes

Liam Alvarado says:

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