Traditional Caribbean Peppersauce (hot sauce) Recipe.

Learn how to make traditional Caribbean peppersauce (hot sauce) with the help of Caribbean cookbook author and food personality, Chris De La Rosa. Pepper sauce is the go-to condiment in the Caribbean and in this recipe Chris will be using a traditional food mill to make this insane hot sauce. However you can get similar results with a food processor or blender. In this recipe we’ll be using scotch bonnet peppers, habanero peppers, chocolate scotch bonnet and Trinidad Moruga scorpion peppers. This hot sauce is also gluten free.

For this peppersauce recipe you’ll need…

Hot Peppers (about 4-6 cups chopped)
6 cloves garlic
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 cup white vinegar

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Tapu Alofa says:

Nice. What can I do in reason to get ytou to send me some seeds and some shadow bene?lol but for real

areagial says:

how can u still breathe with your nose straight above that vinaigre and pepper???? :O ..i would cough like an old dog…

danie bajan says:

I’m sweating just watching this lol

Sarady Kim says:

Très belle vidéo,merci

jose venegas says:

Leave it in the fridge 6 years not a problem!!

Teadra Wilkins says:

so what if u don’t have that machine can u use a blunder

Dianne Hewer says:

De man wit de pepper sauce is boss ….. Oh Gorm, ah like it !!

Rebecca Hahn says:

I’ve got a dozen or so serrano and half as many jalapeno peppers to use up. I’m also making sauce mostly for– let’s call it North American pallets (aka: white people who can’t always take scorpion pepper-levels of hot). Any suggested changes? Otherwise, I’m doing this in a bullet blender/chopper on my porch so I don’t chase myself out of the kitchen with the fumes. I’ll let you know how it goes over!

Stephane Sykes says:

i cant find those peppers in the nyc…only scotch bonnet and regular bell peppers.

diana smith says:

miserable annalissa u shut the fuck up other show comes to the point if u don’t know shit sit down

CapitaineVerdun says:

Could I use this recipe and ferment it? It looks goooood!

kaela whittingham says:


Chase Evis says:

Yeah, boy. That looks like fyah.

Amy Liu says:

Thankds for sharing!!!

Topsy Turvy says:

Chris – much props – we learning from the master.

Chancer02 says:

Oh my! That looks hot! Love it!

Sudha Kuga says:

Holy shyt just made this with shadow benny and all , this is no joke !! The sweetest pain , perfect balance between pain and pleasure lol love it !!!!!

b h says:

beautiful pepper garden,cant wait to start mine.thx

Yaz says:

You have an awesome garden!

John Curtis says:

Washing with soap and water does NOT help. Wear nitrile gloves or prepare to feel the burn for days, from your finger tips to privates.

dev bachu says:

you know your stuff guy Trini to se bone

Rich E says:

Useless… no measurements for anything.

Kyle X says:

Can I buy some?

Matt Loveridge says:

Heya – what were the tiny little yellow peppers you used in there too?

Lucas Winter says:

I made some homemade hot sauce once. I washed my hands multiple times because my girlfriend at the time was coming over. Let’s just say that for a brief moment that night she thought I gave her the most fiery std on the planet. Poor girl…

Leslie John says:

I learn to cook with my Gran, at 14 left home and at 18 I stop cooking 5 year ago I had to start, then went to do a chef course, thats where i discovered what I had already knew,
I don’t remember my Gran using vinegar, Gran always use oil, and this use to last a long time, and my Gran did not no fridge

Ketura Dor says:

Can I do this in blender?

Raymond Harris says:

Awesome Video. Thanks so much for sharing. This is the kind of information that everybody should know…

Bopalot Barnes says:

when the camera ain’t pointed at this bloke he sounds like an Irish man.

Marion Mcwilliams says:

Like you pepper sauce like things hot will try this one so I can show my friends thank you

John Douglass says:

I followed this recipe for my small but very hot pepper harvest last year. The sauce was amazing and so hot! A teaspoon was enough to heat up a bowl of anything.

williamseale says:

That shit looks good. Bets it’s hot as hell

moez honey says:

this look delish thanks Chris

Loki Owl says:

Hearing this guy say “Caribbean Sunshine” always brightens my day.

Matt D says:

I love hot foods but damn that’s gotta be freaking hot…

Steve C says:

Cheers buddy.

Jorge Machuca says:

excellent recipe !!!

Sten Muchow says:

Im pretty sure this was passed directly down from God.

Queen Negus says:

I love me some spicy but this might be a bit much! looks beautiful though:)

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