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A few of you weren’t digging the Middle Eastern Poutine REMIX I uploaded a while back, so this is one for the purists. My traditional Canadian Poutine is homemade chips topped with homemade cheese curds, tasty classic gravy and some spring onions. Come on guys, you’ve GOT to love this one! But how much would you pay for it?

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MWYANT19 says:

GD where can i get that in central TX?

lloydymk2013 says:

THIS ISNT CANADIAN!! It wasnt made in Canada and was cooked by a ginger!! And he said MUSLIM cloth! RACILIST! im unsubbing, disliking, deleting my youtube app!!!

Nancy Green says:

Great music!

Funky Fresh Food says:

Tasty food, defo worth a fiver, and the video quality is back – huzzah!

GoranMak says:

Scallions on Poutine. Traditional. NO.
Also, your gravy looks like a beef brown gravy. Also wrong. Original Poutine gravy is chicken and turkey gravy.

Food Flipped says:

Looks awesome. Thanks!

Kai Z says:

but i still dont know how to make gravy?

MusikKritik says:

Awful cuisine

Chris Stankaitis says:

From this Canadian you get extra top marks for going to the lengths of making your own cheese curds to do it right. If there is anything I can say, I’ve never seen poutine served with any garnish so for 100% marks just leave out the spring onion. but this is a solid 99%

Sharon Bellenger says:

This looks amazing! You made your own cheese? Good grief man.. awesome! 🙂 Oh, I would love to know how you made the gravy.

Tania Laframboise says:

Good job! Canadian brownie points for making your own cheese curds 🙂

Ego-Craft says:

this was a hard video to wank too possibly the worst video to choose but obstacles were overcum

Roneekz says:

Now the curds are too pure.

Molly Ringwald says:

I’m no purist, but last time you just needed gravy. this is legit. you can add to poutine. but you can’t take Away from the three main ingredients

kingdave1990 says:

anything special in the gravy? would of liked have seen it made :).

Sara says:

Looks amazing but one thing you are missing, is that you have to make the gravy hot enough to melt the cheese curds. Not melted 100%, only just to the point that the cheese is still a curd but sticks to the fries. Alors voilà il est parfait!!

Mr. Random Likes says:

No spring onions.

behrang abp says:

i still stand on my position, “MELTING CHEESE CURDS”

Funked Up says:

No, the trick to getting the best fries is to blanch fry them(about 5 mins) refrigerate them overnight and re fry them for about another 5 minutes…heavenly

Liam Kurz says:

fucking love this channel

Alisha Bhatt-Smith says:

Nice one mate 🙂 Canada Would be proud! Get it Can-Ada lol.

Only good stuff says:

I love this channel. I have to watch at least 3 videos a day. Fking love it….

Feel Your Meal says:

Sooo goood

PissAllOverMyAnusWhileMaintainingProperHomeostasis says:

5:30 the beats he made with the fork were in perfect synchronisation with the background music.

Radek Holubář says:

How did you make the gravy?

Benjamin Franklin says:

You did it

joe Thomson says:

looks good but where would i buy essence of rennet?

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