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Tiramisu, how to make this popular Italian dessert! Find our RECIPE RECAP and INGREDIENT LIST here – http://askcheftony.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/tiramisu-recipe-video-recap/

If you are unable to find the mascarpone cheese in your area, here is a helpful tip from a viewer, who has a way to create a substitute for mascarpone. https://askcheftony.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/making-a-mascarpone-cheese-substitute-for-your-almost-perfect-tiramisu-by-bret-m-territo/

One happy viewer’s tiramisu success story here. (send us yours!) http://wp.me/p2lAo7-hN

Ingredients: 500 grams mascarpone cheese, 5 very fresh eggs, 120 grams sugar, enough savoiardi ( lady fingers ) cookies to cover your pan twice plus a few extra just to be safe ( it took about 18 cookies to make one layer in the video ) , enough espresso (not too strong) to quickly dip your cookies in ( about 3 cups in our case ), a shot of Baileys, vanilla, and a couple spoons of sugar to add to the espresso, and enough cocao powder and chocolate shavings to sprinkle and decorate.
Visit the blog post for a rundown on the steps and some additional info

Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert. It requires no baking. It’s mostly a technique of beating, mixing, and assembling, using some cookies ( lady finger cookies ) and some eggs, yolk and whites separated, mascarpone cheese ( similar to cream cheese ) espresso or coffee, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, etc. Did you know, according to most accounts, it was invented in a brothel? Tiramisu literally means “pick me up” or “pull me up”. That’s what it was intended to do for the clients. Despite it’s sordid past, it’s well loved around the world, and not so difficult to make. Chef Tony will walk you through it in this video recipe and also tell you a little about it on the way. Enjoy!

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purpleshammrock says:

Looks really good! Instead of the egg whites, can I use heavy whipped cream and fold it into the egg yolks?

THAMM16 says:

Hi, Chef Tony I have a question is it ok to Freeze the Tiramisu? If so how long? BTW I made your Tiramisu Recipe and everyone loves it especially the Hubby!!! THANKS!!!!!!!

ghimie88 says:

Thank you so much, Chef Tony! I made your Tiramisu and it was so simple, delicious and tasted like the ones I had in restaurants! Made me feel like a pro! All my coworkers WOW-ed my tiramisu.. they thought I bought it:-) I enjoy your video very much, and have watched it over and over and over. You inspire me! All the best to you!

RPMDAD says:


Tridama Vengadesvararao says:

Hi chef
It’s me again I did my lasagna with your bolognese recipe it was yummy and very pleasant I had only one problem it’s that was slightly watery at the bottom but I think it was due to the sauce or my pasta or my low fat cream cheese or also the cooking time in the oven anyway after letting it sit it was delicious and less watery (not noticeable hehe).
I wanted to ask you for the tiramisu I did it three times now with your recipe (always delicious and surprisingly tasty) I remarked that the zabione was less thick and more liquid than yours but it sets well after being in the fridge overnight can I know why?
Heres my recipe for the zabione:
-3 egg yolks
-250g mascarpone
-60g sugar
-whipped egg whites until stiff peaks

With sincere love to italian cooking :-).

ColorBySteph says:

I like how detailed you are and how specific you get with your ingredients! I really enjoyed this video.

Lina Callus says:

Buddy valesstro tiramisu recipe

Ask Chef Tony says:

smoke it and have breakfast

ling liu says:

Good good

Sani says:

For how many people is your recipe made?

reinarosashope says:

OMG!!!!! The bbest tiramisu ever!!!!

Veronica Martinez says:

chef I don’t have a the coffee machine you mentioned, what can I do?

Qazi Kamran says:

can you give me recipe

narimene nari says:

beautiful tiramisu, thank you chef

Danish Badshah says:


Sara jalali says:

How can I make this dessert for 4 or 5 people? Do I use half of each ingredient?

radhika garg says:

Thank you so much, Chef Tony! I will be making this on christmas eve. i dont have kitchen aid can i use hand machine which u are using for yolks, even for whites?

The BreakDown says:

Love the individual cups idea!


yuou speak too much more than you see how to do tiramisu people get bored

little birdy says:

God Bless you Chef Tony and your family thank you for the video

elena melli says:

Bravo e buono

Joycelyn Soh says:

Thank you Chef for being so clear and detailed eg about the eggs and not wasting food. 🙂 I will try this.

Itxazoa says:

Dear Chef Toni,
Your Tiramisu is THE BEST ever!!!
I made myself a birthday cake and choose your Tiramisu because I was craving it. I tripled the recipe and made two large triple decked pans… I was to die for. We cleaned the pans with our fingers!!!
I used Marsala wine and instead of dipping every biscuit, I placed them in the pan and then brushed them generously with the expresso and Marsala. Let them covered overnight in the refrigerator… Next day, MAGIC!!!
Thank you very much.
I wish you many more years of happiness, great success and good health. Happy 2016!!!

Crystal Webber says:

is there a substitute we could use if you don’t wanna use the alcohol?

Veronica Martinez says:

the espresso machine

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