Squash Casserole – Cheesy Traditional Recipe

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Blue enamel bowl: https://amzn.to/2uqe1Nl
Field 10″ cast iron skillet: https://fieldcompany.com/
Lodge 12-inch Dutch oven: https://amzn.to/2NkolxL

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Cheesy Traditional Squash Casserole

6 tablespoon butter (divided)
5 medium yellow squash, sliced ¼-inch thick (about 7 cups)
1 medium yellow onion, chopped
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
2 eggs
½ cup mayonnaise
½ cup milk
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1 sleeve Saltine crackers, crumbled
½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a large skillet over medium-high. Add the squash and onion. Season lightly with the salt and pepper. Cook until the squash is tender, about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cover with a lid for a faster cooking time.

Remove from the heat and drain the squash and onion well using a colander, for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, in a bowl whisk together the eggs, mayonnaise, milk, and cheeses.

Lightly stir the squash mixture and wet mixture together. Scrape into a 12-inch buttered Dutch oven or 9 x 13-inch casserole dish.
Sprinkle the top with the crumbled crackers followed by the Parmesan cheese. Evenly pour the remaining 3 tablespoons of butter (melted) on on top.

Bake until the casserole sets up and is lightly browned on top. For inside baking: 350 degrees F for about 25 minutes. Serve warm.

Tip: if you using Ritz crackers for the topping, use about 2 sleeves.

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beachin bbq says:

Love this my grandmother made it all the time

Pamela Kelly says:

Hello Kent and Shannon! This is one of my favorite summer squash recipes! The only difference with mine is that I sometimes mix the yellow squash with zucchini and add 1/2 cup of sour cream along with 1/2 cup of mayonnaise. I think I will definitely add more cheese the next time I make this dish! Thanks for posting this recipe! Take care & God bless!

Elijah Plummer says:

I searched and i know you haven’t made kabobbs yet

Joseph Roberts says:

That’s a dish growing up I had at least once a week I love squash it looks like I will have to try this recipe also

ron watson says:

You know how to cook and eat cowboy. That’s my recipe too except I do use Ritz crackers. Now I got to go hit my neighbor’s garden. He brought us some homegrown tomatoes last week. I am blessed! Thanks and God bless!

Earl Reed says:

Squarshin on the Red River . . .dang another good recipe with a great view and I hear a Mr. Bobwhite in the background at one point. Great job Shannon

Michael palmer says:

Bacon and green chiles would be a good addition to that squash.

michael lawson says:

Fine dining at its best my friend. Thank you so much for sharing

canamcrazyman says:

I’m not trying to be rude but you say “it is” when you don’t need to like at the very begging you said “it’s time to gather around the table it is” I’m very curious.

matthew moran says:

Do Philly cheese steak recipe please

Harold Parker says:

I sure love your videos Mr. Kent. Keep them coming and God bless you sir.

James Forsythe says:

cowboy i made this tasted just like what my mama made brought back great memories thank you sir

matt fluorr says:

well,, I will just stick to doing them kabeb style with two sticks, and a cake on sunday. praise be.


You had me until you said Squash, lol, sorry team, this is the only veg i cannot stand. She looked great and my Mrs would love it but not for me team. Thanks guys. ATB Moose.

habaceeba says:

looks like the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River behind you there

feldweible says:

Good eatin for sure!

Darren McDaniel says:

Wonderful.! Love me some Squish. God bless.

jean says:

Yum, I love a good squash casserole

WW Suwannee says:

My Grandma and Mom used to make this exact same recipe ( maybe not so much cheese, and maybe a little crumbled bacon, what ever :). I wasn’t a fan as a kid but now I love it. Oh, and buy the way, that is not it’s final trip, but we don’t talk about that one around the table 🙂

DanTheMan says:

That ain’t crook neck, that’s straight eight. That sure looks good. Thanks for the recipe!

Kyle Boll says:

That looks good,
A Female friend of mine made butternut squash soup with bacon and cheese homemade sourdough Croutons and roasted squash seeds man I just about married her right there in the kitchen

John Amidon says:

AKA scalloped summer squash! Usually top mine with potato chips. Take care, folks!

Daniel Stubbs says:

Never thought about the crackers bit. But gave me a good idea on hard tack meal. . Pity about no chives. Would have finished it off brilliant.

Jason Turlington says:

Awesome recipe y’all! Gonna have to try the straining method for the squash—looks much better than the soggy bits you get if you leave in the juice!

ezrabrooks12 says:

Look’d Good,Good Video.

canamcrazyman says:

What Is your wife’s name?

Paul F says:

That casserole looks great. My zucchini garden exploded recently so Ive been eating a ton of them. Made a similar casserole last week but I need to do it over again using your recipe – I didn’t use mayo or enough cheese, lots more cheese 🙂

Justa Noobie says:

Where has Bertha been??

John Miller says:

Yellow squash is so underrated. Thanks Kent, Shan, the pups and O-possums!!!

John says:

Love the location, the recipe, the video, and how you fine folks (y’all) share all of this with the world. Thanks for another great installment. Frank and the Beag running around sure makes my heart happy I have to say. I look for them in every video. Glad to see your “security” in action and still effective. 🙂 I’m gonna have a go at this… and your salmon recipe this weekend. 🙂

Jim Clark, N5QL says:

Kent, why do you use that crappy jarred parmesan cheese instead of the real thing? Loved the video can’t wait for me to make some for myself!

Vernon Tyer says:

I’ll try this with zucchini. Thanks, Kent.

Jerry Puckett says:

Man that looks so good
Squash is one of my favorite vegetables
Thanks for sharing

leonard burns says:

Looks realy good  think ill try that    thanks for sharing with us   ehhh

Sidney Mathious says:

I have to try cooking that dish on the fire and that squash is looking great. That dog didn’t listen to well to what you had to say as he was running all over the place.

noway jose says:

That’s brilliant. I think I’ll try that one myself. I’m a sucker for bacon though. I’d have to add me a few crumbles.

Jim Knapp says:

Another excellent video sir nice to see you’re still spoiling them dogs I do the same thing

Jim Ferguson says:

I just read the headline from your website – Kent Rollins is from a lost period in time and a dying state of mind, when life was simple and character was king.
That is beyond good – I am over the top impressed.

D Fuss says:

Just made this for dinner. Had to bake it on the grill as it was 88° and all I can say is… Yum!!! This recipe is a winner. I usually give my squash away, not anymore! Thanks!

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