Saudi Arabic Coffee | Easy Traditional Recipe – سهلة القهوة لسعودية | حجازيه | وصفة

Ever wanted to know what typical Saudi Arabia family eats from Hejaz ( خليجي ) , Hijazi, Najd and Najdi (حجاز، نجد ( for a glimpse of Saudi life. This food channel will guide you through the cooking process to learn quick, easy, fast, the best Saudi Traditional (salty & sweet desserts) recipes & dishes.

Since very little is known about our Saudi Culture from around the world, through easy cooking, it would be the perfect recipe. I am a Saudi female lady amateur chef that cooks authentic quick Middle Eastern dishes. The authentic Arabic Food with Arabic ingredients in our everyday lives. Some of our dishes are fused with other Arab & Non-Arab countries. The end result you will learn the techniques in order to make tasty, fun and easy dishes for anyone to make. I always strive to get the perfect yummy taste and blend of food flavors. but best of all, I love sharing.

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A Aijaz says:

I love ur cooking kindly share d recipe for bechamel macroni. …i miss ryd

miss42310 says:

hey I live in Qatar and i recently developed a taste for gahwa… would you know where i could get Arabic coffee beans? What kind of place i should be looking for these beans?

مريم التميمي mariam says:

انا متابعتك واحبك .. ايمان سوي شكشوكة او فطور سعودي اعتقد انه الشكشوكه محليه وغير معروفه عربيا ..

Ashima Ashar says:

new vedios…..???

imène saudaisi says:

merci Hajja

حبيب الكل says:

أنا من الربع وفاهم الشغلة 🙂 تحياتي لك

bukhtiar ali says:

why is it a lighter colour compared to the coffee we have in england which is really dark

Belayeth Rashid says:

Where can I buy light roasted coffee beans from – my Saudi friend from University (who sadly passed away a few months back) made it for me but I never got the chance to ask him where he got the beans from or where I can buy them from in the UK (where I live). Please let me know @Saudi Food With Eman

Stephanie Nour says:

Salam Alaikom ya Eman! I’ve always loved your channel! 🙂
My question is, are the coffee beans that you use the same as regular beans in an American grocery store? Many of my Saudi friends say they are not the same. Do I have to get them from Saudi or is there a specific brand of coffee beans I could buy?
Jazakallah khair ❤❤❤❤❤


Hasiba Rasheedh says:

Assalamu alaikum coffee is very nice so yummy………..

Sonia hassan says:

n fr how much 2 pple plz?

Mohammed Azharuddin says:

Thank you so much for your video

shnuffles 1 says:

assalaamualikum some more videos!!!

Redlam Areefi says:

I like what you did there, but I have a suggestion. usually when you cook the cardimmum for too long it will taste bitter, my mom taught me a way where you can add the spices to the Dallah and leave it closed for 15 minutes. this way you will have a fresh taste of the spices and will not be too strong.
Amazing work you are doing in the channel keep it up.

Thank you.

madeeha butool says:

Salam,, please share some sweet recipe’s

Azeckwazion says:

I miss Eid…

Sakurah Col says:

Thank you for sharing us your home made arabic coffee.❤❤❤

Clauret Franco says:

Hello good aftermoon ,can you say me how to make Baklava . Please

Thank you so much

Have a nice day !!!

Hasiba Rasheedh says:

Wich place u r Southi arabia……..I am India ya Allahhhh

sb mm says:

if we want add saffron n ginger to this coffee when can we add???

Safiyyah bint Dawud says:

is Saudi cuisine close to Emarati cuisine?

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