Rasgulla | Traditional Bengali Sweet | Homemade Indian Dessert | Recipe by Archana in Marathi

Learn how to make perfect soft Rasgulla at home from our chef Archana on Ruchkar Mejwani. Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali sweet dessert recipe prepared from paneer & sugar syrup.

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1 & 1/2 Litre Full Fat Cow Milk
4 Cups Water
3 Cups Sugar
1 & 1/2 tbsp Vinegar
1 & 1/2 Cup Water


– In a large vessel boil the milk.
– To make the sugar syrup in another pan add water & sugar. Let the sugar melt completely.
– When the milk comes to a boil add water mixed with vinegar. Give a stir. Switch off the flame.
– Once the milk curdles, strain the crumbled paneer.
– Put some cold water on the crumbled paneer.
– Squeeze out all the excess water & hang it in a cloth for half an hour.
– Remove the paneer in a bowl. Add sugar and mix well.
– Knead the dough properly with your hands till the sugar dissolves.
– Make small portions of the paneer and keep it aside in a plate.
– Make round balls and add one by one in the sugar syrup.
– Cover it with a lid and let the rasgullas cook in the syrup for 5 minutes.
– After 5 minutes add 1/4th cup of water and again cover it with a lid.
– Repeat this step for 2 more times & then turn off the flame.
– Let them cool down in the syrup for at least 2 hrs.
– The rasgullas are ready to be served.

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aparna Shelar says:

Archana Tai chi Recepie khup chan ani easy astat

Siddhi Patwardhan says:

masta rasgulla

pranali yadav says:

Mi rasgulla aani sitaphal basundi keli msatch zali thanks tai

ASTERIX 2.01 Ultimate Version says:

sugar takun paneer malal ki rasgulle pakat futat tyasathi ararot paneer madhe malatana mix karava lagato,, kaku chukich dakhavu naka

Ratna Vijay Nikam says:

खुप छान रसिपी

Ram Nit says:

he dudh gaych aahe ki mhashich

Angel Love says:

mastach…..pn cow milk nasel tr buffalo milk chalel ka

Pushpendra Singh says:

please aap apni recipes Hindi m bhi share Kare . please

Parikshit Revankar says:

Madam please share angoor malai recipe

Rakhi Raorane says:

vinegar chya badle lemon taku shakto ka

Momina Patel says:

cow milk is mandatory??

Priyam Fonseca says:

khup chan recipe tai…..

gargi khaire says:

ruchkar mejwani khoopch chhan aahe khoop Navin Navin recipes mi nakki Karun baghel

Rasika Shelar says:

mix veg recipe dakhava

Nilima Chalke says:

maze 1 and half litre madhe 13 ch rasgulla zale, thik aahe na. Pan to pak khoop urto tyach kay karaych?

Megha Ugale says:

खूपच छान.. सर्व रेसिपीज खुपच् सुंदर.. I like Ruchkar mejwani.. and specially Thanks to you Archana Tai for showing us very easily and nicely tempting recipes.

Sadhana Sangle says:

rady paneerche rusgulee hotil ka

Harshal Patil says:

it is very tasty

Yogini Keny says:

ras malai dakhva na please

vidya khot says:

khupch chan archna tai mala tumchi ruchkar mejwani pahayla khup aawdte. khup soppya recipe aahet tumchya .

Ritika Desai says:

Bolls futu nyet ya karita paneer kitti vel malave lagel…plzz Sanga Tai…

Yogita Malushte says:

hi archana tai , mi tumchi rasgulla chi recipe pi karun pahili pan rasgule soft zale nahi ani ambat pan lagat hote , maze kartana kay chukl asel mala sangal ka

shraddha mathapati says:

Kaku rasmalai hi dakhva na!! plzzzzzz

Madhura Tendulkar says:

Kaku please rasmalai chi recipie share Kara.

vikramra7 says:

some chefs add maida (flour) to the panel dough to prevent it frm breakage while boiling….

Pranita Prabhulkar says:

mi banvla rasgulla pan soft nai zala..tai pls tell me why?

Padmakar Chavan says:

pls tai mala rasmalia karun dakhva

medha pimpley says:

I tried this recipe….and it turned out perfect…:)

Aneez 456 says:


Pratik Patil says:

suppab…..thank you for this recipe

janhavi gupte says:

Can u share receipe of rasgulla with milk powder..thanks.

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