Quick Bannock – Traditional Native Frybread Recipe

Ever run into one of those mornings when you look in the fridge and discover that you have nothing to make into breakfast? I’m gonna show you how to make a quick version of a traditional bannock using a few basic ingredients from the pantry. Fresh from the pan, these are delicious with almost anything – jam, butter, syrup, cream or cinnamon spread. Breakfast solved!

Recipe link: http://www.theaimlesscook.com/?p=759

Music: “Morning Blue” by Josh Woodward (www.joshwoodward.com)

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Aquilla Faro says:

my mom always made this and we would have it with mixed fruit jam…we called it pancake.

ElvenEars says:

welp don’t know where I went wrong but I know how to make pancakes from scratch now xD … I’m gonna try again



Bunnies Are Bae says:

How do I know if it’s done?

Pym Cat says:

can i use bisquick or jiffy baking mix instead of flour?

Congac Bodean says:

Thank you…this has been our household go to bread ever since you taught me how to make it. I am caucasian and my wife and daughter are Korean. They never tasted bread so good…that grocery store stuff is crap…but they totally love your bread. Shine on Jay!

Brandi Oliver says:

The recipe link doesn’t work

William Gruff says:

Out of interest, did the native Americans have butter and jam equivalents? I’d be willing to bet that they did although not necessarily anything we might consider as similar.

Walt Rinda says:

Would be nice to have printed recipe.

Seth DuSith says:

To people who say fry bread isn’t native: Not every single native recipe has to be from the ancient days. Indian tacos, for example, is something only natives started. Its a modern native dish. As is most fry bread recipes. The scots invented bannock, but we have our own style too. Kind of like how Quebec people didn’t invent cheese, gravy or fries, but they invented poutine

Gar Bear says:

Scramb egg whites spinach mushrooms oatmeal cinnamon herb tea vitamins minerals

Wolfie Haunted Doll's Bethel-Strauss says:

fry bread or Bannock is my go to bread recipes

Alex Shanks says:

four raw eggs, and a protien shake with banana and strawberry.

sniper152 says:

I wonder how this would be to make the batter, then freeze dry it for long term storage, rehydrate when needed

Kitten Deville says:

This is why I have ‘Bannock Butt’.

Zoella Iz Savge says:

Yummy! <3. And, therednoizeproject...he said add water...xD

GizmoBee1702 says:

Bannock actually originated in Europe, not among Native Americans, who adopted it. Nevertheless, Native American groups are probably the main users of bannocks, frybreads, etc. It has become popular with campers, backpackers, preppers, and others. It can be fried in far less oil as one large piece or baked.

Out Doors On The Rock says:

Is this also called toutons?

Puzzle Dust says:

Can I put jalapeno and cheese in it? or is it only good with sweets?

Susan Jones says:

Sorry that people choose to be haters. I’ve made fry bread – it’s a nice way to add berries or jam to a breakfast. I am not a native – I tend to fix scones and oatmeal. It’s all part of ones heritage and not something to ridicule. Ever. Your recipe looks great. I’m going to try it.

Willie Tjhang says:

Coffee and intermittent fasting

John Stockwell Major Smedley Butler says:

Love to the priceless lives that posted/produced this video. Bannock? Appears to be first nations enslavement, due to colonialist, and manifest destiny, war machines, treaties broken, governtment lies, genocidal, reservational Bannock to me? And perhaps they found the bisquick tree and just grabbed a box? First nations used what, all purpose flour? Cmon get real please explain what they used traditionally for flour, baking soda, baking powder, dyes, flavors, etc.? How did they process seeds into flours? Please much love to you and all priceless life, but do not perpetuate ignorance, and false information. If one chooses to produce “bannock” off grid, it would require far more effort and ingenuity. Off grid lessons would be spectacular, done off grid. Much peace and love to you, fellow priceless life.

Jimbo Slice says:


Leja Frank says:

I love oatmeal topped with blueberries! Quick, easy & filling!

m fakh says:

that looks like cekodok or jemput-jemput from the asia side..hahaha

The Christian Frontiersman says:

Great easy recipe. I add black berries or blue berries. I am about to try a mix of raisins, tart cherries, apples, and some venison sausage. One of my go to is, Johnny cakes, bacon, and eggs.

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