Punjabi Kadhi Pakora Traditional Authentic Recipe of Pakoda Kadi from Chawla’s Kitchen

Bring an punjabi speciality touch to your table by serving this mouthwatering traditional punjabi kadi pakoda recipe.Payaz Pakoda is made and then simmered in a thick curd based curry. Relish with steamed plain rice

Curry Pakoron Wali ia a Curd(yogurt) Mix With Gram Flour(Besan) and cooked with spices in punjabi style
Kadhi Pakora
Kadhi Pakora Ingredient:
1. Gram flour 1 ½ cup
2. Onion 1
3. Curd 2 cup
4. Ginger & garlic 1 tsp each
5. Corinader & fenugreek seed 1 tsp each
6. Cilantro,Green chili, tamrind 1 tsp each
7. Salt,Red chili, Gram masala ½ tsp each
8. Turmeric powder 1 tsp
9. Oil to fry

Punjabi kadi pakodi is a popular dish from the Punjabi cuisine where pakoras are made and cooked in tangy sour and spice yogurt sauce thickened with besan flour.

Punjabi food makes your mouth water.Those, who have tried punjabi kadhi, would agree that it tastes most amazing and they yearn for more. Make it exactly as shown and recieve Master Chef Title 🙂



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Roy Gee says:

very very nice, thank you for sharing, i made it with your recipe, it was fantastic.

inayathk khan says:

Pls maintain some cleanliness in ur cooking,it look yukky. ……. to watch ur cooking video.

Sarabjit Kaur says:

delicious. nice

Sunita Kavati says:

I would add some cumin seeds and chillies in the tempering. .and of course the curry leaves!..how can a kadi be complete without curry leaves:) ..rest is okay!

euphoria156 says:

Pls dont speak English if u can’t, dont embarrass yourself in front of the word. (Remove my comment after u read it, just wanted to help u not anything else) why dont u speak ur own language and just write subtitles in English at the bottom. And also pls stop saying, I WILL show how ACTUALLY make it, its very ARROGANT to say this. Stay Humble.

khyberkarn says:

Great time saving techniques for a busy mum like me – my children will love eating this in the winter!

ms_josan12 says:

i really like kaddi

Kanupriya J says:

Hi I don’t know how authentic your recipe is but I’m still trying it. One thing I wanted to ask was that you haven’t added any hing, curry leaves or green chillies?

Shreyasi Mujumdar says:

thank u….I made it…it was so quick n awesome!! loved it.

S G says:

good recipe for Kadhi , bad recipe for pakoda! if u add more besan , the pakoras will absorb more kadhi & taste better !

Vanita Yogeshwar says:

Did you know that deep frying is better than shallow frying for pakoras. They absorb less oil. Just an fyi.

patel gopu says:

your recipes are amazing.. I m gujarati but love to make punjabi food after watching your videos.. already made parathas the way you make and my husband loved it its really easy.. thank u so much for sharing ur recipes with us… sat sriakal 😀

euphoria156 says:

its VESAN not Besan, u can say, its called Besan in Hindi

sujatha prasad says:

Thank you for your recipe mam!! The dish came out very well and tasty.. I did deep fried the pakoras and additionally tempered with curry leaves n dry chillies..My dad loved it 🙂

Raj Kalsi says:

May be the  best Punjabi Kadhi recipe ! Great narration and demonstration,specially what to add and what not to add.?
That adds an authentic taste and flavor.GREAT.

Mandeep Singh says:

good job..punjabis n food r best in this world..wil try ur recipe soon..

Kruti Mehta says:

your style of making the pakoda is so messy and worst!!

Rose Rose says:

In my kadhi, pakoras are as a treat, so i put a little more spices than required. Believe me it tastes heavenly.

rishi raj says:

My kadhi starting sticking at the bottom of the kadhai. Added more n more water but it din’t help. It turned out to be tasty but thick. Don’t know what i did wrong.

Mahi Sehrawat says:

gud recipe but very messy video

robertomasymas says:

is there no mustard seed or mustard powder in it?

archana mahli says:

today I tried,n it came out delicious, I put curry leaves n potato, thank u so much.

Stuti Stuti says:

Made this today. I baked the pakoras instead of frying them. Just put them on a parchment paper n baked at 450 till crisp. Hope hubby likes it:) thank you

Bloopers says:

awesome 🙂

Aditi Chadha says:

Your recipes are good but very confusing. Seems like you are always in a hurry. Please be patient with things and organise everything before you start a recipe. That will prevent you from forgetting ingredients. And please donot make such a mess while cooking.

Anushree Bhattacharyya says:

Hello mam.instead of methi seeds and tamarind paste can I use jeera and lemon juice for the tangy flavour.will it come out with the authentic taste like yous?

Jeseica Singh says:

Nice dear I really like how u make kadi. I am also sardarni but marry with pandit guy . But my family love to eat punjabi food . So I knowwww how to make kadi but the traditional way I don’t know . So I come on you tube N I sow ur recipe first N I like it.

Thanks dear to teaching ppl such a traditional way of punjab N punjabi food.



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