“Poulet Basquaise”. Traditional French Chicken Recipe.Take. 2 #SRP

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
“I fought the law and the law won”
I’m a renegade, a fugitive, anti-establishment rock n roll youtuber! What am I guilty of – sharing 26 seconds of my hero Keith Floyd in my Poulet Basquaise video.

I love Keith Floyd, he’s my all time culinary hero and I was just making a simple comparison and used the 26 seconds to illustrate my point (and champion Floyd).

But the BBC (who have interviewed me on occasion and expressed a genuine interest in my work) intervened and as a result YouTube blocked the video.

Ah well you gotta try, as TS Eliot said “Only those who risk going too far find out how far they can go”

So here it is with a slight re-edit the wonderful Poulet Basquaise….
A fantastic, traditional, French chicken recipe from the basque region of France. So so simple to make, and absolutely wonderful.
Using the cheaper cuts of Thighs and Drumsticks of chicken, with red and green peppers, onions, garlic, paprika and white wine.Really does take some beating and is so quick and easy to make, why not substitute the chicken for pheasant or rabbit, would work just as well. Give it a try.

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Eric Uhlman says:

Don’t write many fan posts, but I hope you are seeing some coin for the work you do on your videos, because I think your butchering vids (and then your cooking vids) are precisely what the farm to table thing is about, except you’ve raise it to a very approachable level. I have processed two whitetails into a variety of cuts and products based on your videos, and they’ve been awesome!
I think you are doing a great service preserving heritage butchery, but also giving a nod to the fact that these techniques developed over along time, in tandem with the local cuisine, and you really do a great job illustrating that!

zepres says:

8:18 Scott was that the same spoon you put in your mouth to taste 2 seconds earlier?

Slobodan Stojanovic says:

Fresh tomatoes are epic. Prefer them in a salad to being cooked. So many opportunities, man.

snksnk68 says:

You da man Scott! Basque food rocks!!

naresh vyas says:

Hey Scott, excellent Video, been a fan for almost 3 years, .. just wanted to cheer you on mate…. like the comment about the buttered ring….. not being from Soho myself… I wouldn’t know what you mean???
keep up the the great work…Naresh ( Ex Exec Chef at the Riverside Hotel… Evesham almost neighbors….. now in Toronto)

wood1155 says:

Yup this recipe just got targeted as my next try.

Diphrael says:

Going to cook this tomorrow night! Hope the wife likes it.

Thanks Scott Rea. Love your channel.

mbm2355 says:

LMAO 6:38

djtak says:

Scott,you should cook a flemish beef stew once.I’m sure you’d love it!!

Ste Fenney says:

Hi Scott, I remember Keith Floyd doing a Basque Rabbit dish similar to this. He cooked it for a men’s cookery club if I recall correctly.

Malcolm Lewis says:

You could get a TV show, you are a gem and unique.

Mark & Caroline Thompson says:

Scott, this looks good, we’ll try it soon and let you know. I don’t know if you’ve got a copy of Elizabeth David’s book French Country cooking first published in 1951. It’s something of a collectors item as with her other books. We have a much battered paperback edition published in 1976, the book contains, amongst recipes, poulet au riz basquais. The ingredients include coarse pork sausage and Elizabeth suggests the Basque sausage Loukenkas and in fact we use chorizo. The book also suggest pheasant as an alternative which I can heartly recommend. May your knives never be blunt. Mark

Joe Day says:

Made it tonight,substituted rice with quinoa.Simple to make and satisfying!

Eve Alaban says:

Chook chook

Anziran says:

Should I take the skin off my tomatoes, if I’m using fresh once?

Nathan Lee says:

Oh…my…gawd, that looks so good. I wish I could cook like that.

Jeff Miller says:

Scott, I’d watch your show! I’d buy your book! Oliver’s got nothing on you!!

Al Durer says:

nie leć w chuja, daj spróbować.

Kyle Nguyen says:

Hello Scott.. I have been your fan for ages. Today I have 2 question for you. What is that green stuff in the rice? I assume it is parsley, and where can I buy your book? I just notice you have a book after I read Mr. Jeff Miller’s comment. I have watch this video many time by the way. Thanks for awesome recipes. I will buy your book for Ramsay so he can improve lol..

estothecee says:

Super stuff!!

carl blyth says:

i’ve just started using rapeseed oil myself and i am liking it…

Terry Fennell says:

where can I get that lovely French music? Love your videos

Frauleinwunder07 says:

is he married? i’m tryna marry this man.

519 Forestmonk says:

Oh when you plated that sauce, I said just give me that and a loaf of crusty bread with some wine and I’d be in heaven. Looks really nice!

wood1155 says:

Amazing dish I’m gonna try it next chicken I buy. But Jamie Oliver…dude…Seriously….”here’s a bottle of salt with my name on it. It’s 6 times more than the other stuff that tastes the same without my name on it. Yeah can you buy it please ?”

Kathleen Buxton says:

3 legged chick ….lol…

Otto Weber says:

Nice. This resembles to a Hungarian similar dish, “csirke paprikás”. Just that the sauce thickening is made with sour cream and flour in Hungary.

Kathleen Buxton says:

L9l no can ring

Dietmar Krawietz says:

look in the history! pollo alla marengo. it is a woanderfull dish to. my englisch is very bad.sorry scott. nice cannel

charlie kelly says:

you are a world class chef, and should be in front of the mainsream…but…no non knows who you are….except me….

Diane Smigelski says:

Scott, this is such a great recipe. Thanks for the idea. I can’t wait to try it. I thought you might eat the whole pan!

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