Peach Cobbler – Traditional recipe! Authentic dessert pudding from the American South: Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler: Betty, Buckle, Slump, Dump, Grump, Sonker, Pandowdy. What do all these random words mean? They are all versions of the Peach Cobbler – A dessert the American South have made their own!

Peach Cobblers (or any type of cobbler for that matter!) originated from British American colonies who were unable to sources ingredients for Suet-based puddings. Here’s how to make it:



½ cup melted butter (salted)
1 cup self-rasing flour
2 cups sugar (1 for batter, 1 for peach mix)
⅔ cup milk
1 egg
800 grams (28 ounces) peeled peach slices
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp nutmeg


Pour melted butter into a deep pan.
In a bowl, mix flour and 1 cup of the sugar.
Add milk and egg. Mix.
Pour onto the butter in the pan.
Peel peaches and cut into large slices.
In another bowl combine peaches with cinnamon, nutmeg and remaining sugar.
Pour peach mix over the batter. Ensure an even coverage but do not mix it in!
Put in an oven at 180⁰C (350⁰F) for 40-45 minutes until golden brown.
Finish with vanilla ice-cream.

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