Palak Paneer Punjabi traditional recipe video.Indian Cheese in Spinach Gravy by Chawla’s kitchen

Learn making this delicious Punjabi Authentic gravy based Cheese dish from punjabi kitchen.It’s healthy green leafy spinach gravy with cottage cheese cubes or triangles.

Palak Paneer Ingredient:
1. Spinach 1 bunch (400 gram)
2. Paneer 200 gram
3. Chickpeas/ Besan Flour 1 tsp
4. Onion 1
5. Ginger & Garlic 1-2 tsp
6. Salt,red chili,Gram masala ½ tsp each
7. Pinch of turmeric
8. Ghee 2-3 tsp


Palak paneer is a Rich Punjabi dish consisting of Spinach and Paneer (Indian cottage cheese). It is a thick spinach gravy having indian cottage cheese in it.

पालक पनीर is a popular vegetarian dish in north India.­itchen


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Jasneet Matharu says:

I tried it and ginger garlic gave a very good flavor to palak.
We used to add makki ka aata (coarse corn flour ) instead of besan , that tastes great as well.

Murtaza Ameer says:

Good work.
Please do not repeat same words again and again. It gets irritating.
Well done, thank you

gohar ali says:


Mysterious World says:

mmmmmm…. I Luv palak paneeeeerrrr

turkeysaw says:

thank you for sharing

Isha Tomar says:

thanks for sharing this delicious dish…tried it was exactly the way we wanted to eat

Ram Sahni says:

hey i dont have mixer or grinder for now… i can use only chopped meshed palak… ? rply soon

alif imam says:


Shashi Sadawarti says:

utencils are not presentable.

S G says:

easy to follow & turned out delicious !

paranoicafierita16 says:

Cant wait to try this!! Thanks from mexico!

Rafat Abedin says:

I do not have access to solid ginger and garlic, I do have the pastes though.

Can you tell me if I would like to substitute ginger and garlic for ginger and garlic paste, how much of each would I be needing? 


D.R. Obarton says:

I like the way you dont fry the paneer!

dawn sara Sorge says:

why not steam in vessel in hand

Ritu G says:

I usually make it like this only.. n its one of my favorites.. 🙂

Jamie Zamarripa says:

i cant wait to cook this for my boyfriend, i also want to learn more resapies ,

Sarfu Hamdulay says:

I wanna cook for 7 persons can u help me out wid the quantity of palak n paneer please as I want to make it today.

hockey rocks says:


Dohendra Dubey says:

what after ginger ?? why did you say that so fast 😀

Ashley Morin says:

Finally a decent recipe on how to make Palak paneer. I work with a Punjabi lady and I always bug her to bring in extra for me when she decides to make it. Now I can do it at home 🙂

mradul nara yang hy misra says:


Sriram Poduri says:

why do you add besan?

vinod prasanna says:

Thanks ji… 🙂

Sandy Manchanda says:

nice recipe. apne pander ko kis shape may cut kiya h..

Navjot Sumal says:

SSA sister, awesome channel, you are putting a lot of effort in your videos hats of to you. Keep up the good work.

Manic Monkey says:

You may believe you’re showing “authentic” palak paneer… but my dear, sorry to break your proud little punjabi heart… sarso ka saag is VERY VERY VERY different from palak paneer.

If you’re going to get on a mighty mighty horse claiming authenticity at least get your dishes right!

Nandita Dutta ( Service Mangment) says:

love is… I did twise…

Simi's Kitchen says:

Very easy and simple, particularly the way you explain it. Thanks for uploading. Regards.

Felipe Tejeda says:

Please make more videos!

Sandra Singh says:

Great demo. thank you.

mymoona masood says:

Sorry it’s ‘tempering’ not ‘tampering’

Nandita Dutta ( Service Mangment) says:

I cocked for 4 person .. but its assume… love uu. plzz shere some different

Kriya Sharma says:

why should we not use tomato puree….

Asghar Ghayoor says:

zabardast test

Amaresh Mudiraj says:

You were lovely

melinda massey says:

Thank you..i’m going to try it your way. I hate the way restaurant put heavy cream in the saag

Ashley Burns says:

Thank you!! I made it for the first time and it came out great. Your explanation and recipe are wonderful <3

Deep G says:


Monica Vig says:

thx u dear for lovely recipe.
1st time i made palak paneer soo yummy after watching ur video.

Shenaz Umrani says:

very bad recipe

Little Sharma says:

Why is she huffing and puffing. This ain’t a test.

HonestJatti says:

Why did u use besan in palak ?

Avan Vandrewalla says:

Easy to make and really tasty,God bless.

shikha indal says:

I cooked it today!
And it’s awesome!
U are a great cook.

Bhakti kaushal says:
Amit Singh says:

Actually, it is an excellent recipe! It turned out very wel.

Estariel Lathaodren says:

What were all the spices you used? I’ve been craving this dish so much lately!

Amanda Kinsman says:

I am going to use this recipe for my Indian reunion dinner.  This was our favourite dish when a group of eight of us  were on holiday in Rajasthan in February.

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