Organic Raw Mango pickle Recipe prepare my Grandma’s | Mangoes contiments Traditional Avakaya Pickle

Mango Avakaya is a known fact that Andhra is synonymous with ‘avakaya’ or mango pickle. Andhra mango pickle goes by the name avakai or avakaya. The main ingredients of avakaya are “ava” which means mustard and “kai” or “kaya” which means raw fruit. There are many popular avakai variants such as avakai or sweet mango pickle, enak avakai (sun dried), allam avakai (ginger), nuvvu avakai (sesame seeds), pesara avakaya (moong dal), mamidikaya menthi pachadi and much more . But the king of gherkins, avakai, is unbeatable in taste. One of the best traditional culinary jewelry of Indian cuisine.


binod ghatani says:


frooty trooty says:

she is looking so cute

morison andoor says:

I like your videos, very nice granny I wish I was there!

NRC Swamy says:

nice pickle

Surabhi Jain says:

Are you giving her money that you make in here coz seriously dude we all watch it because of her. She is adorable and I wanna see her dressed up nicely. Why don’t you do a Q&A session with her? Would love that..

Tejashwini Rvl says:

Really ” Old is Gold “

Appusha Usha says:

niv yav village edhu nice

Rahul Kumar says:

So sweet….

Gurunath P says:

easy to make pickle

Binal Ringwala says:

Very good .

Sid K says:

wat masalas r put here ???


she is a pretty grandmaa .kash meri bhi hoti.

Mirza Ismail Baig says:

grand maa your recipes are very very tasty and beautiful i love it

Appusha Usha says:

nice grandmother super niv mado pickle neat and clean ago thorsirdra

jagan mohan reddy jagan says:

nice.what verity is the mango?

László Jantsky says:

The grandmother astonishingly flexible!
I’m not young, I’ve seen a lot, but none has so far not.

jhìèń shù says:

hmmmm yummmmyyyy!

aadiya shaikh says:

wow Dadi jii….

Maria Islam says:

plz upload the names of masala

secretorganisation says:

why she keep rubbing hand inside the container

Arman Patel says:

how to buy a big knife

Varsha Das says:


Jasmine Mol says:

mmm what a nice , super , exelent , good , great , genius ,etc

Mirza Ismail Baig says:

and how are you grand maa

Jasmine Mol says:

it is beautiful and cute grand mother

vivek kumar says:

Telugu avakaya?

Usha Vijayavaradhan says:

Which mangoes are good for avvakaai. Tell me Name of the mango in telugu

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