Wanna be healthy then eat Organic Country Chicken
Commercially-raised chickens often injected hormones, antibiotics and trace amounts of pesticides, all of which can be a potential health hazard. Nowadays we are seeing increase in the risk of cancer and early-onset of puberty. All this is because of use of growth hormones and antibiotics in commercially raised chicken.
Organic chicken tends to be less fatty than its commercially-raised chickens and even it is a healthier protein option.
Country chicken has different flavour and dish prepared by these is not only healthier but also they will be very tasty..
Free range or organic chickens
Country Chicken,
Red chilli,
Coriander powder,
Coriander leaves


Achi Json says:

I saw many of yours cooking videos, The cooking skills are great. Kindly use good cotton cloth to hold hot vessel. Particularly avoid cloth used while cooking country.

Your are doing good videos carry on.

Looking many more ahead.

Abdul Mannan says:

Itni achhi chicken curry pakaee hay yaqinan bahot tasty ho gi try karen gay so many thanks Allah aap ko khush aur abad rakhay from UK….

Big Pharma says:

I hope hes not plucking and frying up this poor dead chicken in front of other live chickens! 🙁 I mean I get it he needs to eat but have some heart! js.. animals ain’t dumb from a long shot..

Arun joel raj says:

using JOCKY underwear to hold the cooking pan is not good……while cooking Organic Country chicken …..better use a peace of good cloth….

VINAY Kumar says:


Beer Baby says:

Good one

Danial Zainun says:

i like country chicken very much

Anil Kumar says:


Dharaneesh V says:

be hygiene when u cooking food n upload

Arpit Tiwari says:

unaccepted recipe,but looking good,i will also try like this……….

Prasanta kumar Pradhan says:

mouth watering.. also love ur farmhouse

Ian Lee says:

love the lifestyle Miss this lifestyle

indika siriwardana says:


jakkas jaggu says:

U said organic but it isn’t.because your using allumeniam vesel

Senthil Kumar says:


Pintu Keisham says:

Haha is that jockey

Alhamdunillah Bismillah says:


laughing buddha says:


saggurthi prathima says:

nice recpy

Sandeep Halder says:

will try for sure

Kiran More says:

4:49 Jockey ki chaddi…

Bablu Patel says:

वेरी बैड दिख बहुत बेकार है तो स्वाद कहां से अच्छा होगा

Noor Chaudhary says:

Yaar khana banate time ye chadi kaha se aa gai safai pe deyan do

Jill Redfield says:

Wow! Excellent !! good job 😉

halley CH says:

organic chicken is hold with an used under wear….

jakkas jaggu says:

Don’t use it

Srinivas Reddy Kota says:

TRADITIONAL??? cooking in a aluminum vessel, ORGANIC ????? poisonous.. cook in a mud pot…

Msrio Angel says:

looks so normal and natural,the way food should be
I wish I was there and try myself
must be delicious and pleasure to eat

Mathivanan Devadoss says:

Really nice recipe! Thanks.

Ambrose Munai says:

I do not agree your using of an aluminium pot which in the long term can also cause cancer. Try using black iron pot.

Lulu Susanti says:

ihh jorok msk kain buat angkat it panci celana

Haward Prakash says:

what kind of cloth ur using to hold pots

bala balaji says:

Madam ur good name

Akila Logan says:

neenga Tamil channela

Sashanth Pootalakkal says:

This is the first time I am commanding on a video in youtube when I see u r video it’s really very good and I noticed u r promoting JOCKEY briefs it’s really so funny

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