My 105 years Grandma’s Village Style Fish Recipe | Traditional Fish Curry | Country Foods

My 105 years Grandma’s Village Style Fish Curry | Traditional Fish Recipe | Country Foods


Samiulla G says:

God bless her with good health. she is a blessed daughter of India.

Shristi Silwal says:

what if she is only 70 but has aged badly 😀

Saroja Muthusamy says:

guys really your lucky… miss my granny..

Shanti Thapa says:

ur granny is too cute …her love for u can be seen in her eyes can be seen while feeding u all by her own hands…nycc vedioo of cute granny

Olivera Svjetlosak says:

Bravo bako.uživam u tvojim receptima.živa i zdrava mi bila.

Keerthana Uppala says:

your currys are super grandma , I want your blessings grandma

Suganya Anand says:

really good grandma

Shristi Silwal says:

her smile is cuteee

Tabassum Kapadiya says:


Anil Banda says:

god bless her

Baby Bisma says:

where do you live

Merin Lidiya says:

I love you grandmaa…

Suba Shree says:

May god bless u grandmaaa

Finotgetnet Getnet says:

i love. happy. grand mami

samra ali says:


Kiran Thakur says:

awesome recipe

Gayathri Ragu says:

I love u grandma..

PinkCess Blnde says:

I love how she tastes the food lol she is very cute smacking her lips

Olivera Svjetlosak says:

Bravo bako.uživam u tvojim receptima.živa i zdrava mi bila.

syed hussain says:

she is super cute! So nurturing and amazing cook at her age

Nepali Christian says:


Sivakami S says:

She uses ginger for fish curry! Anyone else uses ginger fr fish curry? I use only garlic and other ingredients all same. Some cocnut n fennel seeds grinded and added the curry finally and cook it fr a few more mintues, also gives a great taste to fish curry! (Another version)! Grandma’s fishes looks so fresh n good!

Thalayasingam Manivannan says:

i love her smile..priceless..

Meenu Jaanu says:

granny smile gives her true satisfaction of happiness

Anjali Yadav says:


Choppala Praveenraju says:

మీరు నిజంగా great sir నీను మి cooking గురించీ కాదు grand ma గురించీ చెబుతున్న i like your videos sir

Rebeca De La Torre says:

oh my god, she is lovely..

Pinky shaik says:

amazing woman

Suganya Anand says:

grandma ur smile nice

Poison Lee says:

beautifull grandma and i’m sure her’s fish curry taste’s yummmmmy

best regards

sugan reddy says:

can some one get the recipe written down please?


she is really an inspiration of hardwork 🙂

saikrishna v says:

Where you from grany

Allah Bakash says:

superb I love you grand maa a big salute

Sri janani says:

she is cute

Suganya Anand says:

super village cooking

Sudhamai Srikumar says:

i love grandma’s beautiful smile.

Faisal Nida says:

nice grandma A
I love u

GVJ VJ says:

super grandma but she didn’t add tomato


I love u grandma…..

tuli mukherjee says:

it brought smile because when grandma fed her sons.reminding of mine grandma…thanks for the video for an amazing fish curry!!

Kiran Thakur says:

awesome recipe

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