My 105 years Grandma’s Village Style Dry Fish Recipe | Traditional Dry Fish Curry | Country Foods

My 105 years Grandma’s Village Style Dry Fish Recipe | Traditional Dry Fish Curry | Country Foods


Vishanthini Murali says:

it’s awesome. …… but can u add the English subtitles?

Darshini AG says:

Hiyo soo cute ur smile looks sooooooo nice

ايايةيةةي عيااايايا says:

ههه سمكها زيها يابس

Koral Konnections says:

Love you grandma.That smile in the end is to die for :).

Nide Ladesma says:

Love this old grandma remains my mom ❤❤❤

Pakiza Bahar says:

She has something to say.. please use subtitles. Love watching her videos.

Firoza Tofy tanweer says:

nice dady

Eni Riska says:

i love u smile grandma….

Nazma Begum says:

the dry fish is called hutki.. well thats what bengalis call it

Ritu Bala says:

ahhhh.. I love her and missing my grand ma… she made the best food for me… still cherish those times with her… you are doing the best thing in the world… please tell me where can we meet her….

Shefali Jaiswal says:

sTupidity…faMous hone ka silly tareeka…

khajarazi razi says:

veery veery good grand ma you amazing

Raj Devkota says:

I wanted to see her enjoy the meal, not just feed others and she does all the hard work

Waseem Ahmed says:

Love you Grandma you are the most beautiful woman.

prity Good says:

Lovely grandma

Nivas Rao says:

i want 2 meet her plz text me 7577864892

Juvy bunayog says:

i love you grandma

Amrish Pandey says:

The best example of youthfulness! I touch ur feet amma

David Clarke says:

Sending love to you grandma from down under. Reminds me of how my indigenous family lived out in the bush and cooked food in a coal. Also felt sad for her when she said about losing her teeth and that she can’t eat fish because she had an eye cataract surgery. God bless you with more years of strong healthy life.

Clarence Kingsley-Pillai says:

She reminds me of my late mother. she was 97 . Your GM is a very good cook !

magdelenedass says:

She’s an inspiration n looks like she enjoys what she’s doing. Most of us are complacent .. We drive to work, in a good job , a comfortable life , which is good but yet we see a society who loves to complain. Love life & smile like this lovely granny

Stella Angel says:

i like your smile grandma and make me remember my grandma….

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