Mutton Pulao Recipe | Quick & Delicious Traditional Lamb Pulao | Grandpa Kitchen

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Mutton Pulao Recipe | Quick & Delicious Traditional Mutton Pulao | Grandpa Kitchen

Mutton Pulao Recipe | Quick & Delicious Traditional Mutton Pulao | Grandpa Kitchen


umar farooq says:

Grandpa Saab ye lacha badal lo .. plz

sari gongora says:

Yo hablo español y aun asi lo veo

Ruma Shinu says:

Looks very delicious grandpa… thank u for the lovely receipee ..

Technicolor says:

As a chef stuck in a kitchen pretty much always, it’s incredibly peaceful to watch them prep all the ingredients in silence with only the nature around them making noise. Love ya Grandpa and crew!

Zafar Ali says:

I love you grandpa god bless you thank-you for work

Padmavathi Nakkina says:

Congratulate to grandpa to 1m subscribes

Sai Naisua says:

Love you Grandpa from Melbourne, Australia.

Yuli Ana says:

Thank you alot from me in Indonesia for you and your teaam kind heart for the needy kids

Abdul hameed says:

It’s like tahari

Kusuma Aeron says:

Indian government should set grandpa as a role model to the society. Instead of raping girls, disturbing women, asking them to send bobs and vagene, y’all should do more charity to help the needy ones. Peace out.

Rutha Mizutani says:

I’m so glad u guys made it to a million! I love you grandpa and helpers! Who in the world would dislike this video! I support u guys all the way! If I were there I’d definitely help and I would give u guys a really big hug. Also my favorite part is whenever grandpa eats and smile. Grandpa Kitchen is so kind and generous!

Alam indo says:

Wish u all the best guyz
5 month 1Million subcriber Good Job

Berry Allien says:

How does he learn how to do it???

hajerareshma reshma says:

I relly like this i m lovin it

Kevin Kocsis says:

I couldn’t eat with toes next to my plate, that’s just me,,,

Leila Costa says:

Adorooo ver você cozinhandooo..você está de parabéns;eu queria muitooo conhecer vocês!!

Asna Aleem says:

Come on people,he deserves more subscribers. Do not leave without subscribing 😀 lots of love to grandpa and his team.

Casanova Channel says:

Can you help me atleast reach 100 subscriber? For my birthday

Berry Allien says:

First type of vids I’m glad there is ads in.

pratibha rani says:

grand pa salute to u

Jaize Rodriguez says:

We will always support you❤❤❤

おはる says:

magic?! happy!!

AISHWARYA Gnanasekaran says:

Looks very yummy

Linh Dan says:

Waaaa. It’s perfect QAQ
you know exactly how much water you need QAQ What should I do? My mom always complain when I cook rice.

fati fiti says:

يلي عربي يشق لايك واشتراك ومردودة فضلا وليس أمرا

KCrimson says:

I can’t say how kind is grandpa. He is really kind like on a maximum level. He is very selfless and care to other people by giving his delicious food. One day, I will meet him and cook together because I am really shit at cooking hahahaha

فلوق تبوك says:

ربي يبارك ويزيده من فضله

Zsolti Molnar says:

I love you grantpskitcken

Adam Simba says:

You are a good man

Iang Tha says:

God bless you always granpa

Jane Austen Darcy says:

lots of love grandpa
from Nepal 🙂

Yesenia Penate says:

binge watching ALL your videos.

Nish J says:

well done,but hate lamb love mutton hope this mutton

It's Yougie Wougie Gaming says:

Nice video grandpa!!!

Imon Banik says:

Grandpa’s cooking style is more perfect and hygienic than the Daddy of Village Food Factory… Go ahead!

Mariana B says:

1000000!!! So happy!

Technicolor says:

Awww! Those little chicks are getting to be all grown up!

Noona says:

Please can you tell me what are the “all spices”? I see cinnamon, bay leaves, peppercorns maybe? and cardamom but I don’t recognize the rest.

Daphne Daniel says:

Can you buy a nice potato puller for grand father . It’s tuff for him to go it in knife

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