Mom’s Chinese Dumpling Recipe 饺子 Traditional Chinese Cooking

This is my Mom’s original recipe to make Chinese dumplings.
饺子 She adds tapioca starch to the wheat starch to give it a chewy texture. You can add more or less of the tapioca flour to get the texture that you like. The steaming time for the Chinese dumplings depends on the type of filling and the thickness of the dough. Fifteen to twenty minutes should do it. Enjoy! Check out
the recipe below:

Mom’s Chinese Dumpling Recipe:

4 cups wheat starch
1 cup tapioca starch
1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons cooking oil
3 cups boiling water

Put the wheat starch in a big mixing bowl. Add salt. Gradually pour boiling water into the bowl. Gradually add the tapioca starch. You can add more or less water . After a few times you will be able to tell how much water to add. Knead the dough for a few minutes. Gradually pat some cooking oil into the dough and continue to knead. Be careful because the dough might still be hot. You can use cornstarch instead of tapioca starch but use less cornstarch. You might have to experiment in small batches to see how much cornstarch you need instead of tapioca flour.

For the filling you can use any combination of ingredients that like. We like to use ground pork with chives. For this recipe, you would need about 8 oz. ground pork with 1/2 cup to 1 cup chives. Chop up some prawns and add if you like. Just mix the ingredients together.

You might want to try a vegetarian filling. You might try chopping up some Chinese cabbage, chives, green onions and celery. Stir fry all your vegetables in a tablespoon of cooking oil over medium heat. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil and other favourite ingredients and stir fry. Put the in ingredients in a bowl and let cool off for at least 1 hour.

To make a dumpling, take a small piece of dough and roll it between your hands into a ball. Press from the edges outward. The middle should be slightly thicker. You can use a a rolling pin, a knife or like my mom, use a hand press to flatten the dumpling skin. You can form a pocket for the dumpling skin or you can do a simple half fold. There are many different ways to fold a dumpling which you can check out from different cooks.

Put a tablespoon or more of the ingredient onto the centre of the dumpling. Regardless of what fold you use on your dumpling, be sure you close the edges together by pinching the edges together.

Grease the bottom of a tray with cooking oil. Put the dumplings in the tray, leaving a small space between each dumpling. Put some water in a pan and bring to a boil. Put the tray of dumplings in and cover with a lid. Steam the dumplings for 15 minutes. Steam longer if required. This recipe makes 36 to 48 dumplings. Enjoy!

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Balgran Tango says:

Thank you !

Mona Peters says:

Lovely video. I had not seen this exact technique for shaping the dumpling before.

SweetRanma2008 says:

omg your mom is adorable!!

edrea xie says:

打搅了 请问 那个饺子的filling 除了 绞肉 之外还有什么? sorry to bother u but what are the ff ingredients included in the dumpling filling apart from ground pork, u weren’t able to specify one by one so i kinda confuse…pls reply tnx

Likey Wong says:

Hi Dan.  I overheard your mom speaking Toishanese..  Where do they sell the dumpling press??

Marina Kenigsberg says:

Thank you so much! Very good video! Thanks!!!

squeeze louise says:

Fascinating, thank you so much for posting.

Christina Xiong says:

Hello where can I find a dough presser like you moms?

pranay surpam says:

Nice video

Saekkestol says:

Looks delicious! First recipe i have seen where you use tapioka flour. any reason for that? Do they get a bit more translucent? Are these dumplings called anything particular?

Human Footprint says:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!  Looks pretty fast and can make extra dough for the fridge? yum!:)

Wiwit Alma says:
tsimahei says:

this looks great, but we’re not allowed wheat–gluten intolerant. Rice is better! Just remember the corn starch (one third of flour mix).

granterrn says:

Thank you for sharing !!

Carl Lam says:

Dan, your mother makes them the same way my grandmother use to make them, Grandmother use to freeze them and send them out to the children’s families. My mother use to have a metal press which she coated with oil before use. My mother has been teaching my aunt how to make dongze, my aunt says that these are cooking skills be lost to the next generations. Keep up with your mothers cooking videos so the skills will not be lost.

Ng Chohoong says:

Okay lah, but I have a question. You kept touching your hair , do you wash your hands before form the dough?

MrSwansong123 says:

Can you make dumplings without a filling just a “big dumpling ball”?

Anjali Kumar says:

hi dan, is wheat starch is flour or starch itself…? thanx

yien-ni Tan says:

many thanks for share, really appreciate this

Nancy Post says:

Thank you for these videos. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I have tried most of the recipes you and your Mum posted, and they were delicious. Thank you very much! Happy Lumar New Year.

David Bourland says:

What is the flour ratio for each?

Manuel Vergara says:

is it ok if i will use flour instead wheat starch?

Kris Chen says:

Hello, can anybody tell how many pcs of dumpling I can get by using 1 bag of Tapioca Starch (1lb)? Thank you in advance.

1cacti says:

In stead of tapıocıa starc what  we can use??Thanks..

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bona petit is french!

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1:57 2:23 2:24 2:26 2:44 2:51 3:05 3:20 3:27

Noxmoony says:

That looks lovely! Your mum puts so much love and care into this : ) And I’ve never seen the skin being made from this kind of dough, looks so soft! I’ll definitely have to try it out 🙂

大米饭 says:

澄面 看起来很南方风格的饺子

Mariah Miller says:

Why do you need to use tapioca flour?   The recipe I have doesn’t call for it.  Can you tell me what it does?

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Where’d you get the hand press? I’m trying to find it on Amazon for my mom. Plz help! Cool vid

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Ithila says:

Excellent video. Your Mamma is a very talented and skilled cook. How fortunate you are to have her still living and cooking for you. I miss my Mamma every day.Nobody’s food is as good as what she made.

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