Hey guys!!

As promised I am back with another episode. I will reveal how to make Makloubeh in an easy way and reveal the secret recipe my family had for many decades.

Thank you so much for always supporting me and being patient with me. My new team is awesome and we are publishing twice a week now.

Try this recipe and your family will LOVE IT!

I love you and see you again next time

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Sharminie I says:

Omgg I want her to be my mother in law she’s so cuteee

Alma M says:

Beautiful dish

gabe x says:

i really really really wanna come over for dinner please these meals are mouth watering

Ayman Al-Banna says:

Yeslmo edakey

Ra Ra says:

Hello mama kat. Really loved your cooking vids.. ❤️❤️

Chris Clites says:

Love it momma Kat !! I love to cook but i have picky eaters in my house….Welcome back

Robin Green says:

Love you and the family

Aya Tarek says:

Oh my god mama Erakat , that looks sooo goood … im fasting today and that made me starv

Ramonna Bishundeo says:

Loving the new intro

Aray S. says:

Hello Mama Kat!
I hope you are well.
Just wanted to let you know, nutmeg is haram since it causes intoxication.
Google it if you don’t believe me. Also, check

Ritu Halder says:

Omg !! Arabic dishes are so similar to the Indian dishes.
The ingredients u used, garam masala , basmati rice and everything 🙂

Ruby Khan says:

She’s such a sweet grandma mashaAllah

Fowzia Jama says:

Yummy !!
The background music is annoying
Can you plz do without it,
Jazaakallaahu khayran ukhtii
I’m fasting and watching this!!

katyyrrep says:

Yummy! Much love from Germany♡

Kareem Rajeh says:

Best Arab tabkha

Camila S says:

Love your family and your videos. So sweet, I feel like I am watching my mom cook

Lisa Lynn says:

Looks yummy

Alma M says:

Me and my husband make this Jordanian maglobah

MrsBarbich says:

About 12 years ago I ate this the first time at my in-laws home when they saw me for the first time.. We ate it many times after but as I hear you speak about eating it with your family it made me so sad.. cause I will never have the opportunity again after my father in-law passed away about 2 years ago now. We’re sepperated long time ago but I still think about beeing with them all the little Kids who now have their own families and do the same we did.. Thank you for the Video. :’)

sunshine232100 says:

Was waiting for this for so long! Thank you !!❤

mrsclaussews says:

I love your family!

Nana Lopez#16 says:


mari rios says:

I Missed you

Ice King says:

Definitely gonna give this a try sooner rather than later! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us! 😀

Ceasar Cassell says:

Yayyyyyyyy finally a new video

Javaria Ghaffar says:

This looks really good , hope to try it one day

Sumieh Abidali says:

This looks so delicious. I was never brave enough to try to make this dish without frying, but after seeing how good yours turned out I feel much more confident.

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