Mac n Cheese (Traditional) Recipe – BenjiManTV

Mac n Cheese (Traditional) Recipe – BenjiManTV
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Mac n Cheese (Traditional) Recipe

1 Package of Macaroni (any shell pasta)

Cheese Sauce
5 Tbsp Flour
5 Tbsp Butter
4 Cups of Milk
Salt n Pepper (i use white pepper)
2 Egg Yolks
4-5 Cups Shredded Cheese (depending on cheese you can gauge how much is needed)

Panko Crust
1 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs
2 tbsp Butter

Macaroni and Cheese Directions

– have bacon cooked and chopped before hand
– have your water bowling for your pasta in another pot and start cooking half way during the cheese sauce steps
– Oven to 500 degrees ferenheit

1. Start melting your butter in a small pot. Melt and let it heat up till it is bubbling.
2. As your butter is bubbling (but not burning) add all your flour, stir immediately and consistently stir from this point on
3. Once the flour and butter are incorporated and created a paste (rue) slowly add milk. First pour of milk is very little. Heat should be on medium at this point but remove pot from heat when adding milk to help with scorching.
4. Slowly add all the milk little by little until the rue and milk are mixed smoothly together.
5. Add some of the white sauce to a small bowl with the egg yolks, Once you mix these together on the side, go ahead and return it to the pot of sauce. At this point you can turn off the heat.
6. Go ahead and remove the pot from the stove and slowly add the cheese. Little by little and constantly stirring.

7. You should have started cooking your paste by now but if you haven’t you can start and put the pasta to the side.
8. Once pasta is done, drain well (no moisture is wanted) and put it into a large bowl.
9. Incorporate the cheese sauce and bacon with the pasta and stir with a spatula gently.
10. Pour the mac n cheese into a baking dish.
11. Mix the panko bread crumbs and butter together in a bowl.
12. Liberally spread the buttered panko over the mac n cheese in the baking dish.
13. Two Options for Browning

– Place the whole dish into a 500 degree oven for 10-15 minutes till golden brown
– 2nd option, place under a broiler for 5 Minutes (make sure to watch the oven the whole time).



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Clovesm7805 says:

Do you have a substitution for the milk for the lactose intolerant

Angel Santa Ana says:

Which cheese is the best one to use??

Miriam Elizabeth says:

What’s another option if we don’t have those specific bread crumbs?

Bernardo Walag says:

Your camera man is great

Christian James says:

Made this for my family and they all loved it, especially my little sister! She’s the picky one too LOOL

Because Cats says:

How much salt and pepper? A pinch? Making this for thanksgiving!

NaksPizza says:

are the egg yolks necessary?

Annas Delightful Ideas says:

L.O.L I love it when you said I don”t take those chances. I know how cooking is especially when you have to deal with the broiler. Cant trust the timer. Have to keep an eye. Buy the way my daughter”s favorite is bacon and mac n cheese. Will definitely try your recipe. Thank You.

kamilla safaryan says:

What kind of cheese did u use

keteara stevenson says:

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Nurul Aziemah Tajudin says:

what flour did benji use guys?

jenni garrett says:

how big is the baking sheet?

Cristina G. says:

yummyyyyy, im making this tecipe weekend for my xmas party with friends in Spain Benji!!

Stania Paul says:

I love your food recipes because you take your time and I get to see everything you add and everything you do

Nancy Nguyen says:

hi Benji do you know how to make Longaniza Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Candida Pereira says:

0:59 seconds how he says tutorial

Snehal Sonawane says:

try something Indian please..I would like to see guys eating Indian food

Melanie Joyce says:

I tried this recipe and it is amazinnggg!

Destiney Grunke says:

What cheese did he use?

lalalillyyy says:

Do you have to put it in the oven?? Or can you serve it without going in the oven?

AnnaBanana 55 says:

Mm mm mm! I love a man who can cook…plus easy on the eyes too so that’s a bonus. ☺️ Judy you are one lucky woman!

mariaramirez357 says:

made this today for my kiddos it was soooo good thanks benjimantv

Tammy Huynh says:

Why egg?

Mel takes on the world says:

i wish you were my dad ugggghhhhh omg

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