Lamb Head Recipe || Traditional Sheep Head curry By My Grandma’s

Lamb Head Recipe || Traditional Sheep Head curry By My Grandma’s


villa teng village food factory says:

HI Grandma, you are so strong. Best wishes

Swathi Arumugam says:

Eating goat head is common in south India ,there is no yucky it’s really YUMMY….. This granny’s love made tat dish super delicious…..

Muhammad Javeed says:


Ayesha Mehmood says:

that is soo gross

Nadeem saifi says:

I love nani

Virgie Landa says:

I can see that granny likes to be in charge of the cooking it will take time for her to get used to her helper, if she ever does. lol.

Aparna Singh says:

i like way of her cooking.

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:

Now that is one cool lady there, I bet she has a bunch of stories to tell…105 yo..WoW. I hope I see that age..Peace and God Bless from USA

Rajkumari Geddam says:

I love you grandma god bless you I remember my grandma same like u

Liline Lyma says:

too much water in the
sauce it too runny

Meher Nigar says:

dxc u

Dev Kumar says:

Mumumumaa grandmaa long live…….. Love you

Liline Lyma says:

a handful of salt for one head??????

Jason Singh says:


Sami Sami says:

Amma I made this recipe it was very good. Thanks for sharing. May. ALLAH reward you

potato life says:

so cute 😉 I miss my fgrandma but when I watch her its like im seeing her

Sophie B says:

l hope you guys know how lucky you have it cherish these moments

Parul Gangrade says:


Manpreet Kaur says:

Woah! I’m Indian myself but I’ve never seen cooking a lamb head before and it is a little disturbing. All my respects to granny though 🙂

ree K says:

can you please have happy music playing in the background. its too depressing.

ava m says:


Nancy Jean-Simon says:

WOW….your grandmother is too cute. I enjoy watching her.

Mahesh Sharma says:

if some body cook your brain how will you feel

manjusharron says:

Few new Indian channels have emerged like mushrooms recently n all are preparing almost same dishes same ingredients same method.eggs in orange ,eggs in eggplant,eggs in watermelon,in pineapple ,in tomato,in capsicum n what not.same goat head same chicken…….

Tasneem Hasan says:

I love the way they eat together. Lovely grandmother.

James Mc mkr says:

In Morocco they eat it too!!

Officer Nivelle says:

Do you read her the comments?

minahlie says:

In my country the head is used for soup. ( Jamaica)

Kristin Schultz says:

as a european i never fought that one can eat bones, but I think it’s good to know and only natural not to waste anything

Orion Sinha says:

Today the day I subscribed it just becoz to see her smiling..

IamMunkk says:

Can you pick another song or just go without the music for the next videos, I really enjoy all the sounds that accompany the cooking and this song is getting old.

Rams Fan says:

goat cock is pretty good to.

John Smith says:

Very dirty people

Angie Stovall says:

Yes, the other song was better. But i love granny…she so adorable!!!!

Jai AP,TS says:

respect to her age..grandma’s recipt always healthy and tasty

Vaishak Cm says:

Pls tell me d ingredients name and quantity too..

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