King of Goat Head Recipe | Traditional Lamb Head Soup By Country Boys

King of Goat Head Recipe | Traditional Lamb Head Soup By Country Boys


Mmohini Ghosh says:


Àm Èl says:

I like you boys, another great video wow

Someone Great says:

Too oily…

exodus eternal says:

What happened to granny

akhil edits says:

aray man eaters laga vunaru meru boys yanti raa………………………….12:37 inka sontha dappu kotukoni bathakandi ra meru

Nandhini Kulandaivel says:

Looking so dirty

Assia aaaki says:

Halo koul super merci beaucoup pour votre rosette tbrklh

kumar raja says:

This channel is gone, without grandma,

Country Foods says:

Granny will be back on her 107 years BIRTHDAY. She is under rest.

dileep kumar says:

Dandupalyam batch la unnaru kada ra saami

vikram singh says:

Granny kaha hai bhai plz say me i reguest t
2 u plz say me plz plz brother

Roshi Gh says:

I subscribed because of some vegetarian dishes but I just hate seeing this kind of pictures in my feed and you guys pose with the live animals that you’re gonna cook everyday. I cook meat too but these pictures are not about cooking. I’m unsubscribing from your channel, it’s getting disgusting.

haste raho wid desi boy shamim says:

Where is granny tell us the truth…u guys plz add an footage in ur next video…..

Nikhil Bhalla says:


The Crazy Sunflower says:

Please tell us the truth about granny, some people say she died! Is it true?): And if it is you have been hiding it all along! Please if granny is Okay, the next video better have her in it.

Suman Roy says:

Why always eat meat ? Not good for your health and environment , you all look like fat pork , make something delicious traditional Indian food ,Indian culture is so much rich then why cook meat only

S vaner says:

Fucking pigs! will never replace Granny!

Max K says:

There are many such channels now on YouTube uploading such videos. The majority of Indians do not cook or eat in this manner, it shows India in a poor light. This Channel does not even show any traditional Andhra cuisine.

Trendkiller 713 says:

I’m not subscribing and im not going to “like” these videos anymore until Granny comes back.

WolfAngel911 says:

Hope the guys ankle is ok

Sabina Barnat says:

I want Granny !!!!

subhalakshmi pattnayak says:

Were is granny…

vigneshwar prasad bollavena says:

Chiii eating very ugly

Living with Bobby says:

This video is so spooky… U dont have to parade here n there with the goat heads, looked so barbaric. There is no fun to watch.

Nuzul Hadi says:

The singlet guy look like grandma grandaungter face.Are the both related

nisar ali says:

where is granny… i need a answer please

Safa Shahid says:

They r only telling lies to continue channel because granny is dead

Dennis Carver says:


Anjali Pulli says:

Your vedios are waste without granny…!!

ajmal ahsas says:

وين العجوز انا شفت من كم يوم فديوا وهي بالشارع تطلب صدقه ليش ايش صاير لها وين الحرمه الا كانت معاها وليش انتم هنا بدالها القناه ماحب اشاهدها من انتم مسكتوها

dsjoyful14ever says:

Why do you call Goats the same as lamb. Don’t you know they are two different animals? I see goats here not lambs. Also, very dirty cooking area-unclean. Why don’t you invite children to eat with you instead of taking all the food for yourselves?

Roman Yadav says:

Nice I like this

earca Jo says:

How my gode

S&W's Helpful Hints says:

Granny will be 108 not 107,

So Addictive says:

If granny is resting. Show us her face in her room, so that we can see for ourselves and get price of mind.

Patrick Kam says:

Goat terrorists !


can i come on granny birthday ceromony pls give me address

709466ok says:

Granny is died long ago. You can confirm by calling to his real son.

samith prime time says:

Granny Amma kaha hai…wo nhi dikha rhi hain

Pam Outar says:

These guys from country food is hiding is not telling the people the truth we all should stop watching till the say the truth.

chv prasanna kumar reddy says:

where is that place?

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