JAPANESE BEEF TATAKI – a simple, yet delicious traditional recipe

Chef Dai shows how he cooks and prepares Japanese Beef Tataki in the restaurant. This is a simple yet really delicious dish that has been a firm favourite among the customers of the restaurant for many years.
Beef fillet x 150g steak (other suitable cuts include sirloin, ribeye or any other soft frying steak)
red onion x 1/2
tomato x 1/2
grated daikon/mooli radish x 1 Tbsp
chilli sauce x 1/2 tsp
mustard cress x small handful
spring onions x 2
garlic clove x 2
ponzu sauce – click the link to see a full recipe (alternatively use shop bought) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XEKh4Ubwgc
ground black pepper
cooking oil
brandy for deglazing the pan (optional)

Tataki is a typical Japanese preparation in which beef or fish is seared on the outside, left rare inside, thinly sliced and served with a citrusy soy sauce known as “ponzu”. In this version, Chef Dai serves the thin slices of Scotch Aberdeen Angus fillet steak on a bed of ultra fine red onions. Its then served with slices of skinless tomatotes, mustard cress, chopped spring onions, momiji oroshi (grated radish with chilli) and salted fried garlic chips. The vegetables provide a lovely crunchy texture which complements fantastically well with the tender, juicy and succulent beef. The citrusy ponzu sauce is light and has a refreshing and clean after taste. The tartness and sweetness of the sauce balances perfectly with the saltiness of the beef fillet.

Thanks for watching everyone!!!!


Vu Thai Trung says:

Good. Fuck china

Shadow Bannon says:

Tom at two

Gooey Senpai says:

keep that goddamn ponzu away from the beef scrub

Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes says:

The upward inflection of the narrators voice made this awkward. Awful.

ZerO says:

That’s rarer than valyrian steel.

Justin Ruark says:


*Pour boiling water over and skin a tomato*
*Pull out garden-grown mustard cress*
*Cut water*
*Incinerate Scotch Aberdeen Angus fillet steak using brandy*
*Cut steak in mathematical fashion to ensure optimal tenderness and presentation*

Show me something complex, please.

fishermans friend says:


Divergent Evolution says:

You could have saved time and juices by cooking the steak at the back of the pan to sear the edge and sides at the same time.

Brandon Powell says:

Say Aluminum ONE MORE TIME!!!

Huwaylaan Ore says:

looks raw at the center though.

Hung Phan says:

the meat is raw

raoul ramirez says:

beef tataki is litterally my favorite but hard to find

DroPsyDro says:

how is this knife shape called?

God says:

how the fuck is this simple???? you got fires and fire extinguishers

Ricardo G says:

Esta crudo,cuando lo pinches con el tenedor muge!!

Eddy Estrich says:

looks very good
but When the steak rests in tin foil it continues cooking

Huwaylaan Ore says:

that’s not medium rare. rofl

Bad Karma says:

Most of there movements are so unnecessary.

Azeraithe says:

people eat steak to their own prefrence
some like it 420 blaze it charred dry as hell
others like it meat so raw a skilled doctor could save it might as well take a bite out of the animal
other like in between
so stfu when others eat the way they like and get triggered if they eat from what the opposite of how you eat ._.

Bernadette Ioanis says:

that knife looks ridiculously sharp. so amaze.

Peder sundström says:

Seasoning from a hight is just for show

Taimoor Khan says:

When I cook a piece of meat like that, it doesn’t properly cook from the inside. I mean it remains hard inside. Then I have to give more time or bake it, etc. Why is that? Maybe my piece of meat is not a good cut for steak?

aldo waldo says:

You should try shocking the steak after you sear it in a ice bath.

Chuck Norris says:

I took a huge dump this morning

X1 Gen KaneshiroX says:

It looks like a nice Chinese Style of Cooking a Steak.

DaddyO972 says:

cooked the steak too long.

Clement Ang says:

Looks quite rare in the middle.

RTD's Channel says:

But can Chef Dai make “Gotcha! Pork Roast”…?

SaraK says:

It’s not ToMAH to. It’s tomato, jesus christ!

cdvamp says:

nice, just move all that shit out of the way and eat the steak.

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