How to make Sambar-A traditional south indian recipe for dosa ,idly and upma – Sambar

A south indian cousin(sambar)( spicy lentil soup by home kitchen).


Vinita Koshti says:

looks very nice and healthy too

Radha Chatterjee says:

Interesting recipe . I will make it.thankyou

Deepika Jayaprakash says:

Sugar for sambar, evvvvvvvv!!

Raina Taher says:

can we use any other daak without Toot daal

Gaatha100 says:

her English doesn’t matter her recipe does because English is our second language don’t make it first

Shivani Behera says:

worst sambar -_-

Matthew Herzog says:

Those nonstick pans are dreadful. These types of pans are not intended for high temp cooking.

amanullah kareem says:

Tamil in Samba

Neetu Varma says:

I like it . It just nice it so so mu

Nimesh Philips says:

Dear madam in traditional southindian recipe for sambar never use mustard oil or sugar into it…

Crazy Couple (Relationship Jokes) says:

Amazing, thank you

Best Indian Cooking says:


KpArTs says:

Thank you so much… its so easy to make.. but the difference is taste.. whenever i cook sambhar, the taste is so so yummiiii…

Amy Lee says:


Cherry Lucky says:

it is really easy nd tasty I tried it nd it gave me a good result I really appreciate u for this tasty recipe

Mummidi Dinesh says:

I prepared sambar so many times and tried to get restaurant sambar taste..after seeing ur video I prepared sambar now my sambar tastes soo good like restaurant ..thankq for ur video madam…

kannan c says:

good one

Satins Love says:

thank you Mam, will try it now and let you know <3

Prabhrhyrhmsingh Talwar says:

Baaaaaaaaaakwas recipe

hot video says:

very very poor sambar….u don’t know how to cook sambar..its looking like a sambar soup

shashanko aditya says:

I don’t want to offend you or put you down in any way…but May I know why do you speak in English if that is not your forte … if it was just to cater to the needs of a larger audience who doesn’t know your mother tongue, there are umpteen number of videos who teach the recipe in English. I would suggest you to stick to your mother stick. People will understand the recipe anyway. May be, you can just tell the ingredients name in English. I am sorry if you are offended but I thought, I should tell you my opinion as your video is at a public forum and open for opinion.

PRASAD says:

It may taste very good but this is not the exact way to prepare Sambhar.

Ravi Rao says:

putting sugar in sambar is an insult to sambar.

Meenal Dayalu says:


akash shakya says:

wow muh me paani aa gya i like most idli

Sambasivarao Pindiprolu says:

really awesome taste it was

S.n Magar says:

gooooooood I laic

DEPP LIM says:


PRASAD says:

We mostly use chopped Pumpkins,brinjals, bhindi,beans,tomato and onions together to make tasty sambar and I use MTR Sambar powder.

srinivas varkala says:



pls speak english arleast nicely

Abhisek Sasmal says:

Ea ama odia mausi 😀

Padaric O Hora says:

What is the bowl of liquid that was added to the vegetables? Was it lentils? Were the from a can?

Meena Bala says:

Panchporan is not a traditional spice combination used for sambar. But appreciate your effort.

A Gill says:

You don’t put Garlic in SAMBAR, everyone is creating own sambar recipe now days.

Abdullah Mustafa Aydogdu says:


Roshni chhabra says:

Thank u. I just tried your recipe five minutes back and it came out really well…I have made it for the first time

Aliasgar Hassanali says:

What is wrong with people?! All this sweet lady is doing is sharing a recipe. I’m British born and breed and I understood every word. Maybe English isn’t your “forte” as you can’t understand it if anyone speaks it with an accent. Thank you Aunty for this recipe, which may not be exactly how some of the Indians think it should be, but a quick and easy version for all those busy people out there.

Megha Shri says:

Mam I like the way you teach its very easy to make thank you mam

Abdul Muyinda says:


Kevin Matthew says:

haiiiii friendsss

houndjog says:

Pigeon pea = toor dal

Dandapani Satapathy says:

nice …madam it seems south indian recipe with odia touch.

Kumaran Balakrishnan says:


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