HALEEM || Authentic Traditional Recipe || Speciality of KARACHI

Dear friends presenting “HALEEM || Authentic Traditional Recipe || Speciality of KARACHI” (Copyright Protected)
INGREDIENTS: Beef or Mutton: 1 Kg (For Hyderabadi Style Mutton only)
Bones: 1 Kg
Whole Wheat: 100 Gm
Whole Barley: 50 Gm
Daal Chana: 50 Gm
Daal Masoor: 50 Gm
Daal Moong: 50 Gm
Daal Maash: 50 Gm

Garlic Paste: 4 Tbsp
Ginger Paste: 5 Tbsp Full
Small Green Chili: 10
Onion Sliced: 400 gm
Curry Leaves: 12
Ghee/Oil: 2 Cup
Green Coriander: 1 Bunch leaves only chopped
Salt: 3 Tbsp or to taste
Red Chili Powder: 4 Tbsp or to taste
Crushed Chili: 2 tbsp
Turmeric Powder: 3 tbsp
Zeera Powder: 2 tbsp
Dhanya Powder: 1.5 tbsp
Basic Garam Masalah: 1 tbsp
Jyfal Powder: 1/2 Tea spoon
Javetri Powder: 1/2 Tea spoon
Methi Seeds: 1 tbsp
Tez patta: 4
Dar Chini Stick: 3 of 2″
Black Zeera: 1 Tbsp
Kabab Chini Powder: 1 Tbsp
Yogurt: 1 Cup
Whole Black pepper: 1 Tbsp
Cumin whole: 1 Tea spoon
Black Cardamom: 4
Green Cardamom Powder: 1 Tbsp
Cloves: 12
Rose petals: 1/2 Cup
Green Mint: 1/2 cup
Khas Ki Jadh: 2 Tbsp
Paan Ki Jadh: 2 Tbsp
Rice: 50 Gm (With Wheat & Daalain)
Chironji: 1 Tbsp
Long Pepper: 4 sticks.
Hara Dhanya
Sliced Hari Mirch
Sliced Lemon
Fried Onion
Sliced Ginger
Green Mint


Sadaf Javed says:

Never thought of using a whisk..genius!!!

Amna Khan says:

bhaai aap ki recipe se kl haleem banana shuru kia tha aur aaj lunch me served kia behat umda haleem bana aap ka beinteha shukria Allah aap ko sehat de aur aap isi trhan traditional khano ki recipes batate rahen aameen.

steve adams says:

is that a cow pat?

Shahzad Ali khan says:

Thx for sharing this recipe my wife has made this and it was simply the best

Nazia Mahmood says:

Why didn’t you do the baghaar?

Muhammad Arsalan says:


I really like your recipes, just because you investigate a lot and believe on authentic recipes.
you also explain your recipes very nicely  and in detail… the only thing is missing that you forget to give measurement of each ingredient in your commentary .

best of luck and give up with good work

Sobia Afzal says:

Perfect recipe never seen before thnx for sharing

dawnlightening says:

Ustaad saab, how did you, living in the US, manage to obtain Khas ki Jarh & Paan ki Jarh ? I would like to buy the same in the UK. Also, I would be grateful if you could tell me the difference between Gandam and Gaay-hoon. Thanks!

Sultana Khan says:
Sana Mehdi says:

Did I miss the measurements

Irfan Syed says:

Sir one more time Excellent

Jayanth Kumar says:

Just a tiny thought, it is better to use anything other than Dalda, since it has trans fats, and has been banned by the US FDA too.

BABA'S HUT says:


waseem zahoor says:

My father has been making haleem in karachi since 1990 in Moharram, and most of the time i joined him and help him to make.and it is so famous in our area gulistan e jauher.
he does 1 different thing he boils all anaj in separte degh with laal mirch and haldi and namak.after it he adds anaj in qorma and he takes beef in large piece so that our resha will be good.
Insha Allah i will try your recipe since i am in saudia i never eat haleem like karachi haleem especially that makes in Moharaam.

lyfstyle videos says:

nice but so long to cook

Aamer Saeed says:
asaan roy says:

Student biryani sikha dain

Nazia Mahmood says:

I have been searching g for an authentic haleem recipe and I have found one I like. Can’t wait to try this out!

Ziaullah Khan says:

I tried this one today!! It was amazing!! Thank you so much! Keep those authentic recipes coming. 🙂

– Zia

Hafza Awan says:

asalam o alikum sir
ma na isi recipe c haleem banae but mare pass 2 3 masly nhe ty baki sab ty indian masaly belive me boht tasty banae …… sab na b9ht tarif ki …..thank u soooo much sir … Allah apko sahat o zindgi ata kry Ameen

syeda n says:

salam sir please beef pasanday ki recipe bata den khashkhs wali…

Hira says:

Could you please give your recipe measurements in American system as well? It would make it much easier for us who grew up here. I have a hard time figuring out how much grams to cups. I would greatly appreciate it!

Nasser Mirza says:

Man, you Urdu is third class, mixing up pronouns. Shame shame.

Masood Sadiq says:

Aslam o alikum sir ajj haleem banya 7 ghanty lagy bohat mazy ki bani. aik farmaish hain agar pori ho saki kisi din kabuli pulayo banana sikhayia ga. khairandish masood

Malaun Singh says:

Oh god you are obsessed with Delhi and UP. You should come over to us in India.

Advanced Studios says:

plz AAp koi acha sa camera shooting k liay use karay coz tamam videos k color ajeeb se hai

Sikander Abbas says:


ncheema78 says:

haleem ko ghoatnay kay leay jo machine istala ki gai ha,usay kia kehtay hay??

Web Linx says:

The “Aalla” u used for mashing is not “Doi”. Doi is a wooden spoon (usually). Its called “Madhani”. Recipe is out standing, I tried it n everyone liked it v much tx 4 sharing. A serving suggestion (can be) to thinly chopped ginger and green chillies, then sprinkle over each plate plus add some butter as well 😉

reemssyd says:

Bhai sahab ye jo ap ghotnay ke liye istimaal kur rhay hain issay ‘madhaani’ kehte hain, ye lassi wakhers banane mein kaam aata hai. Asal Ghotna gol, chora aur flat hota hai..!!

Syed Rizvi says:

Sir beef is better or mutton for this recipe .Can we blend th haleem instead of beater?

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