Guacamole / Authentic Mexican Guacamole Recipe – Viva Mexican Grill & Tequileria, Wayland, MA

Guacamole / Authentic Mexican Recipe – With Adriana
In this video you will learn a great recipe for this traditional Mexican Guacamole.
There are many different Guacamole recipes but this is one of the best. If you think so too, please comment, like and share and all your friends will enjoy Guacamole too!

You can try this Guacamole at
Viva Mexican Grill and Tequileria
15 East Plain Street
Wayland, MA 01778
Phone: (508) 651-3300
Fax: (508) 401-7462
Cuisine: Mexican/Southwestern

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Massimiliano Massarenti says:

Wanna eat her “vag” scattered with guacamole ^O^ Just kidding guys!!
Never eaten guacamole, but avocado yeah. I really like avocado.

larry bailey says:

I recommend Serrano chile for guacamole instead of jalapeno.

Adnan Amin says:

Thanks for the recipe Salma Hayek!



Rand U says:

A very good presentation and I must say the obvious: you are gorgeous and watching anything you say is a pleasure 🙂

Khloud Moh says:

Very tasty I love it and my family too. Thanks!!!

Salma Toualeb says:

Can u skip the jalepenos??

Paul Spiers says:

Great and easy to follow. Can I make this a day ahead of time or should it be served straight away only? Thanks

Jacob Lavigne says:

In the beginning it sounds like ballon boy from fnaf saying hello

Fast Vegetarian Recipes says:

That looks really good! 🙂

TenzoG says:

im pretty sure authentic guacamole olive oil isnt added

Hugooor Rr says:

This guacamole is not really authentic.


That’s America style guacamole u miss one of most important ingredient mami sorry

tefras14 says:

She seems kinda nervous

Trey Lightowler says:

why is she using pickeled jalapenos?

Bianca Alexio says:

Best Guacamole ever. Thanks 🙂

SwissMarksman says:

shut up and take my Swiss Francs !!!

Leon Gray says:

Just made for pulled pork cooked for 10 hours, oh my god! Delish, simple and effective. Many thanks.

Doe Azzaro says:

you are so pretty

HanSoloxcs says:

What a peach she is 🙂

Ely Novas says:

2012, much simpler times.

She looked good back then wonder what she looks like now.

ZphykTESHD says:

that accent lol

Jose Desiderio says:

Adriana que hermosa.

navidski says:

Wow what a great guaca… Oh, what the hell, I really just wanna bang this chick really hard

DJP says:

Do you use the pickled jalapeños in this recipe? pls/tnx

R S says:

you’re beautiful. You sound and look like Salma Hayek

Deals togo says:

Thank you for the recipe. Guacamole pre-made is too expensive in the store but making it at home from scratch using your recipe works great! Thanks!

Lily Brown says:

Recipe seems good overall, but the olive oil seems a bit unnecessary, for me personally. It’s not in most guacamole recipes and avocados already have lots of natural fats/oils.

Omari Thompson says:

As amazing as this looks, I still think it’s restaurant robbery that everyone loves to charge $9-$10 for guac and chips. Like seriously?

jockeyhanes says:

i am going to make this, let you then how it turned out! Wish me luck!

BasementManagement says:

In my opinion a long time native from one side of a country and another long time native from another side will never have the exact same recipe… doesnt make it less authentic 🙂 its a tasty recipe

Lisa E says:

I could watch this on a loop, you’re so adorable. I’m going to try this recipe today for the Super Bowl. Thank you! 🙂

Elizabeth Hernandez says:

I like to know the real recipe for the real guacamole.Anybody knows it?

iveth lora says:

This is just pico de gallo with avocado, deff not guacamole

Meme Team says:

She’s so attractive

Ricky Jaikaran says:

Thank you, and can you please keep talking?

Mary Grace Angeles says:

salma hayek !

Jamieoo77 says:


phil2003ashleigh says:

And her!

Toad man says:

I’d guac her mole

Raul v says:

Madre mía! Qué bella está usted!!

Jennlo Burg says:

In Mexico we don’t use olive oil for guacamole. And the supposed “bowl” is not a bowl, is a prehispanic instrument that was used to mash food.

Great Beyond says:

Adriana is welcome to come “whack-a-mole” anytime in my kitchen. Chips and salsa dancing first though…!!! Que fabulosa rrrrr aye arriba!

Alvaro Aguayo says:

De autentico no tiene NADA. LOL

Diego Marino says:

Just made it now. This is so good! I Had never eaten Guacamole, it’s surprisingly delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Johnny Bravo says:

I’d like to try her guacamole! Amirite!

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