Grandma’s Prawns Recipe || Traditional Prawns Fry By Our Granny || Desi Kitchen

Grandma’s Prawns Recipe || Traditional Prawns Fry By Our Granny || Desi Kitchen

Grandma’s Prawns Recipe || Traditional Prawns Fry By Our Granny || Desi Kitchen

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Raziya Yaseen says:

amma or baby so cute

hazell tennent says:

Hi i love your channel, but i wish you had subtitles love from the United Kingdom
Your cooking looks great

Swathi Gummadidala says:


Chanda Saghir says:

Im a new subscriber wooooooouuuuuu

ishraak ish says:

I love prawn

srinivas macha says:

I can’t wait to appreciate you guys…. I’m watching each single video… Really good job… Go a head…. waiting for upcoming videos…

Adeline Gan says:

Grandma is great with vegetable dishes and I love all her recipes. But I must say she’s quite clueless on cooking seafood! I think seafood is not commonly eaten in her village? After de-shelling those gigantic prawns, she washed them till they were almost white! Imagine the natural sweetness being washed away! Then she cooked them in water and threw the water away! Oh my! That prawn stock is full of wonderful and natural sweetness from the prawns and she threw it away! She can actually save it for soup or add to other dishes to enhance the Flavours. Then she fried those prawns with masala spices. With that, she actually overcooked the prawns and they will be tough as prawns cook very fast. She could have just seasoned the uncooked prawns and fry/grill them. That will retain their sweetness and texture. Another thing I want to add is the prawn shells and heads need not be thrown away. They can be saved by pre-frying and then boiled in water for a couple of hours to make prawn soup stock. It will have a rich umami taste. We do this to make prawn noodles which is a popular national dish in my country, Singapore. Just sharing my thoughts here.

Jus Puddin says:

That baby boy is so cute. Hi from California

veer singh says:

chiiiiii….i am veg…why u eat such things.wo pizza ,meggie wale video acce se…yeh sb bakbas

aakash sharma gaming says:

amma ek din live karo pleas bhokne do in ko ok

swiss officeitems says:

they have no house, not good clothes, but they are happy always, god bless you

Chris Lozano says:

Please never stop making these video . I have a new found love for Indian food

Mahita Mahi says:

nice nenu try chestanu tappakunda

Pranav Jeksani says:

Hey hi I am from Canada

Jyothi Manvi says:

super super

Tyson Junior says:

they know english,it’s incredible!

Afran Islam says:

ape ki language moja nahi ata so video ape Hindi ma nakalna

Gurpreet Kaur Arora says:


christopher ilayaraja says:

These prawns were not de veined, will cause food poisoning you idiots…

Gopal krishna Goda says:

where is this place in india

gayathri mk says:

Wish even we had one grand ma like this

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