FARM FRESH RADISH Recipe Traditional Way to Cooking in My Village | VILLAGE FOOD



Luz Maria Rahla says:

What do you eat it with? Bread?

william bremer says:

My daddy must be on strike

Praveen super song Kumar says:

very nice

S Ravi Kumar says:

Why is Vijay always wearing tight/small size shirt. Kids shirt huh? . Don’t have shirt matching his size?

smple amity says:

What will they do to that? They will eat directly with no rice or with rice or is it a spices or seasoning to other foods?

NNoo HNoo says:

Belize Nature Photos Keteer sweet Belize

proud proud says:

after seeing all these videos i feel like i should marry a southindian girl.
( no offences to southindians and if they feel offended then i apologise).

Melita Camilo says:

whaaaah ha ha lot of spice it produce bad smell.from your arrrmpit

william bremer says:

I bet that is grooooooose

Kat Craver says:

you can put the amount of salt you want……less, more….

Laura Magana says:


Cynthia Diaz says:

It looked appetizing cooking the veggies, until it was compressed with a rock into a facial Mudd

Vinh Phan says:

omg too much salt

Santhi Subramaniam says:

i wonder y the person whom is cooking cant talk nothing.. and dont even explain and the person who is video shoot is talking. not clear as well.

Melita Camilo says:

could you tell me guys where to buy radish seed..thanks

babitha priscilla says:

Nice recipe.But why don’t you at least say the name of the ingredients that you add?

Gamesotw FIFA 17 says:


amin amin says:


TrueCuLLurz C says:

The turnip dish looked so delicious until it was smashed

Prem Raykar says:

Wow looks yummy

: : pumpkin pie : : says:

look soooo delicious. u gonna eat with?

to those who are dont like the video just leave it. it’s about culture and dignity of person u spoke to. at least u gave some respect even there are something u dont agree with. im muslim n from Malaysia.

Farha Sayyed says:


spark plug says:

hahaha your called kongas

Village Food Secrets says:

Wooow…… mouth watering

anusha anu says:

chi chethala vundhi thuuu

Vinh Phan says:

i only care dog is sleeping while she cooks

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