Enchiladas Recipe – How to Make Authentic Enchiladas

Get the traditional Mexican recipe for Chicken Enchiladas with Mole Sauce @ http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chicken-Enchiladas-With-Mole-Sauce/Detail.aspx

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In this video, you’ll see how to make flavorful Oaxaco-style chicken enchiladas in a tasty mole sauce. This preparation may take some time, but it’s the real deal. No shortcuts. You’ll see the mother and son team behind Seattle’s La Carta De Oaxaca, a very popular Mexican restaurant in Seattle and watch as they prepare the filling and sauce for Oaxaco-style chicken enchiladas.

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Eric Wong says:

Who are the soulless haters who are giving this a thumbs down?

nancyy hLO says:


totoro81791 says:

Interesting. I’ll have to try making that sauce. It looks more like mole but I’m sure it’ll taste good. Though, frying the enchiladas would taste better and be a little more authentic =P

Ghenghy says:

That sauce looks amazing. I make my own enchilada sauce but I’ve got to give this a try. Thanks.


Las mejores enchiladas! Oaxaca es de los mejores lugares para probar la comida mexicana

Peter Carroll says:

what’s the herb and the white crumble you sprinkle over ?

whoareyou2me says:

OMG that sauce.

Had some dude in a ‘mexican’ restaurant tell me that microwaving the tortillas with the filling inside was ok. (They were rubbery and gross) Hey at least he was honest.
I make better enchiladas at home…..
I have to say- I’m really curious how this sauce tastes.

Robin Leveille says:

I’m a fan!! Awesome fresh, fresh, fresh!!

J Duaz says:

Que linda. Lo hace todo de corazon.

Allrecipes says:

Thank you! We are happy you enjoyed the video.

Allrecipes says:

You are welcome! Glad you enjoyed the video.

Melissa Escalante says:

I’ve never tried this type of enchiladas before, and I’m from Mexico.
Tip: You should specify the name of these, we have various kinds of enchiladas.

Maricela Vasquez says:

Love it! And for all those with the thumbs down, you should know that in all the states in Mexico people make enchiladas differently. Looks delicious! Allrecipes you did an awesome job.

Melissa Escalante says:

You’re missing out!

Baking W Jenny says:

I am glad you guys did this. This makes me proud I am Mexican. 🙂
I live in Alabama, and we have very few authentic mexican resturants. I am thinking of opening one to serve Posole, Enchiladas, Menudo, Tostadas de Pata. I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

adyyy22 says:

If i lived near, your place would be a place to go to for me. If that is how you make all of your food, hats off. Most places nowadays use canned, frozen everything. It’s awful! I need to taste real, authentic Mexican food. Looks sooooo good.

patricia Brooks says:

Very Good, Thank you!!

private says:

damn! look at that mole sauce!

LOUDOG Mothaf#cka$!!!! says:

Looks bomb yo

Allrecipes says:

Thank you so much for your feedback! We are happy you have enjoyed this video.

Suusy Tylor says:


The Orange Cat says:

Love it !!!

marchetta67 says:

Love the production quality of your vids. Instead of doing it the old way (2 minute vid of basically the recipe only), you’ve incorporated interviews with the cooking process while still keeping the video relatively short and up-tempo. Great job to the person/people responsible for this new format.

dhb626yt says:

Allrecipes, you knocked this one out of the park. Thank you for posting this video. (Smiles)

Trumpetnote says:

The closest I’ve tasted authentic Mexican food is Taco Bell which means I’ve never eaten authentic Mexican food.

marchetta67 says:

I’ve just added this recipe to my “bucket list.” 😉

john balogna says:

ok this is on my to do list looks great!!

LAna St.ColumB says:

The darker the Mole the better. So appealing!   🙂

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