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Written / printable recipe here:

Chicken stock recipe here:

Chicken Supreme is one of the classics of French cookery, but the terminology can be confusing. A suprême of chicken refers to the breast, sometimes with the wingbone still attached. This is also known as ‘airline chicken’ because that’s what airlines wanted 20 years ago. But there is also ‘sauce suprême’. In this video recipe, I’ll be using suprêmes of chicken with the skin on and wing bone attached, and drenching it in sauce suprême. This chicken supreme lives up to its name – deliciously tender chicken in a rich creamy sauce. But not only does it taste great, it’s really easy to make too.


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bxz44 says:

I need to start cooking propper meals again for the last 4 months i have been living off micriwave food at some point i just stopped preparing food.

Itsmeintorre Spain says:

Pollo con Salsa Supremo! Viva Mercadona! Mi encanta!

Annakist76 says:

Chicken has got to be my favorite among meats… and duck. And lamb. And salmon.

fazilchef tk222 says:

chef superb

Faiza Khan says:

it’s 1am & I’m hungry after watching this!
can’t wait to try the recipe. I love the way you explain how it’s done!

Aanish talks says:

well i cooked and it taste good!!
from India!!

Hazel B says:

Looks lovely Keef 🙂

Patrick Cho says:

very easy and looks so delicious thx chef !

shariful jewel says:

hi, sir please can you show as how to cook chicken stock please. really nice dish!

Suhas Suryavanshi says:

which flour is used for making sauce.?

Soroiya A says:

Feels like the friendly neighbour down the street is showing me his kitchen secrets. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to try this ASAP.

Samantha Emerald Nervana says:

@KeefCooks, are the broccoli and carrots raw or steamed?

downunder diva says:

Oh yeah, Keef! Delectable! Veloute … memories of my first taste … swoon!!! sigh

Kris Kalust says:

how can I make the sauce at 1:15 ? 🙂

Shweta Jadhav says:

yummy .. gonna try it

KeefCooks says:

For some reason YouTube won’t let me reply directly to Passionfruitfruit, but here’s the answer, maybe you’ll see it. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘sweet cream’. I just used normal cooking cream – known as single cream in the UK – it’s not soured, neither is it sweetened in any way. Hope this helps!

Oliver Jackson says:


WannaBite says:

very nicely presented. thanks for sharing.

Marie Guterman says:

Thanks chef, this meal is lovely! I will cook it as soon as my broken toe heals so I can stand up on my foot and head to the kitchen. But need to know how did you prepared those potatoes, they look good to eat!

Jim Rafferty says:

wonder if you can help, or anyone out there can, I used to love the chicken supreme the British army made with rice however can not find the recipe anywhere, would love if you could not only find it but show us how to prepare it. desperate ex army squaddie.

Steve Jones says:

So basically it’s sautéed chicken with gravy?

Alexander Von W says:

Extremely good recipe . I really love it, and tried something like that in a very expensive Moscow restaurant. The only difference was that they used a famous white mushrooms for their creamy sauce. (And I think it also was a bit of pesto sauce, it’s not authentic , but it’s also extremely tasty)

zofoblues says:

wow made my mouth water !!! Very very nice ty for posting.

Ashe H says:

I do so love how you explain such recipes. It makes them rather easy to follow along.

Monish Satheesh says:

not sure if he is an idiot or he is genuinely taking pot shots at the french, either way its funny as hell!

Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

The gravy along with the chicken looks good…

TheGodYouWishYouKnew says:

I made this for dinner tonight. It basically tasted like chicken covered in Heinz Chicken Gravy. Maybe I did something wrong but it didn’t seem to be worth the effort.

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